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Memorial Day

A day to remember the fallen and departed. May they rest in peace.   note: due to the holiday, my New Arrivals post will be tomorrow.

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say, is that…

Is that John Boehner reflected in the mirror, plotting the GOP takeover of, well, something or other? No, probably not, since the cover illustration on this Avon Murder Mystery Monthly is decades old, but still, take a look at that … Continue reading

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Governmental shutdown – Republicans vs. ACA

The Republicans in Congress have thrown their little boy tantrum, having decided that Americans don’t need government and should not have affordable medical insurance. They forced a shutdown because they insist on eliminating the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which mandates health care for … Continue reading

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meme: Tag, You’re It.

The Little Red Reviewer tagged me, so I’m going to play the meme. Here are the questions, and my answers. 1. What is your dream vacation? I’d like to drive around Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. All the way around, up the … Continue reading

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Is it a Guy Thing?

In the previous post, I show the leather chair I ordered last week. Patti Abbott (her fine blog is HERE) posted a comment that her husband has one that is similar and that he loves it. That got me thinking: … Continue reading

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Yikes, it’s Hot!

It was 113 in Los Angeles today, the hottest day ever recorded here. I stayed inside as much as I could, though I had a couple of errands I had to do, which I took care of early. Then I … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury Week in L.A.

Regular readers know I commenced on my re-reading of Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine last Wednesday – finished it last night – and in one of those serindipitious moments discovered this morning that next week (most of which I will be … Continue reading

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Ah, Spring!

The weather here in SoCal has been great the last week or two, and a gentle rain yesterday hasn’t changed that in my opinion, just freshening things up after a week of high 70s to mid 80s. The garden is … Continue reading

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it’s a cat day

I threw out my back this morning, so the book review you would have seen isn’t going to be written and posted. However I haven’t posted a picture of one of the cats for a while, so here’s our big … Continue reading

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It’s in the (e)mail…

Man it has been a long couple of days, but I have finished the taxes. The good news, I get a small federal refund. The bad news is I owe the state just about the same amount. The state, you … Continue reading

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Tax Day tomorrow

Here at Casa Broken Bullhorn, tomorrow is tax day, so if you don’t see much of me, it’s because I’ve finally gotten all the papers and forms together and will be gripping a pencil in my fist and working out … Continue reading

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New Theme

I try this every so often, thinking I can find a style / theme I like better than the one I’ve been using pretty much from the beginning. I find the dark (black background) blogs are very difficult to read, … Continue reading

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Fantasy, Folklore, Fairy Tale and Mythology

Spring Reader’s Challenge Carl V. who is no relation to the alien alligators in human suits currently to be found on network television, runs the blog Stainless Steel Droppings. He’s launching his second Reader’s Challenge of the year, Once Upon A Time … Continue reading

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How to Flatten a Book?

Just a quick post – I’m really still off on an expedition – but I have a question: how can I flatten a mass market paperback that is buckled?  This isn’t water damage, the book doesn’t appear to have been wet, … Continue reading

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Bouchercon 2010

San Francisco, California, October 14-17, 2010 We missed B’con in Indy, but we’ll be in San Francisco. We’re signed up (well, the check is in the mail) and we have our hotel room. We hope to see many of our mystery … Continue reading

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Rest of Bouchercon Awards

** Anthony Awards, Shamus Awards I posted about the awards given Thursday night, You can find the rest here at Janet Rudolph ‘s site, Mystery Fanfare. Congratulaitons ot all, including those who made the short lists!

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Ah, Fall!

Here in southern California it’s finally feeling like Fall. Cooler days and crisp nights are just right for me. We don’t get much Fall color here, not like the relatives in the east get, but there is a tiny bit. … Continue reading

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The Oregon Coast

For those of you living where it’s really darned hot, here’s a picture of the cool, beautiful Oregon coast, taken on a 2007 trip.

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It’s About the Cat

Don’t expect a lot of posts about cats, dogs and children in this space. But just now, coinciding with my starting up this blog, I have a worry about one of my cats, Charlotte. When we noticed her losing weight … Continue reading

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