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meme: Tag, You’re It.

The Little Red Reviewer tagged me, so I’m going to play the meme. Here are the questions, and my answers. 1. What is your dream vacation? I’d like to drive around Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. All the way around, up the … Continue reading

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New Arrivals, February 20-26, 2012

Thanks to the generosity of friends, more than one package showed up this last week. Such unexpected largess is appreciated, even if I am trying to cut down on the book count here. First the images, then the descriptions (as always). A … Continue reading

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FFB: Islands in the Sky

this is the 79th in my series of Friday Forgotten Books Islands in the Sky by Arthur C. Clarke, 1952, Signet Books edition (this book) March, 1960 Signet S1769 127 page paperback, science fiction I bought this copy when it … Continue reading

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Happy President’s Day & no new arrivals

Pretty thin goings here at the ol’ Bullhorn. No Friday Forgotten book, no new arrivals. Good grief, you’re thinking, what’s he been doing? The answer is doing some reading, keeping the bird feeders full, gathering some supplies for a small … Continue reading

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No FFB this week

This Friday, Friday Forgotten Books is doing a tribute to Donald Westlake, who has a new book coming out any minute now. Since I’m not a Westlake reader, I’m taking the day off from FFB, but will be back next … Continue reading

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How to Be A Bad Bird Watcher

How to Be A Bad Birdwatcher by Simon Barnes © 2004, Short Books, 2006 trade paperback – non-fiction, biographical treatise on bird watching That’s the problem with reviews, isn’t it? You read a review that may say a book is “an emotionally charged … Continue reading

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New Arrivals, February 6 – 12, 2012

Mystery! Fantasy! Science Fiction! I’ve gotta read faster! The Admantine Palace by Stephen Deas [Roc Fantasy, 2011 paperback, new] – fantasy – When I read a really positive review of a book like this, often on The Fantasy Book Critic … Continue reading

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FFB: Death in the Middle Watch

this is the 78th in my series of forgotten books Death in the Middle Watch by Leo Bruce © 1974, Academy Chicago Arts 2004 hardcover, mystery featuring Carolus Deene This is the second Carolus Deene mystery I’ve read, the other being Death at … Continue reading

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Chicago Lightning

Chicago Lightning by Max Allan Collins © 2011, Thomas & Mercer 2011 trade paper – mystery short story collection– Nate Heller I’ve only read a couple of Collins’ Nate Heller novels, enjoyed them very much and have several more waiting on the shelf … Continue reading

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a bit of Flicker never hurts

I snapped this yesterday, through a could-be-cleaner window downstairs, when this fellow visited our bird feeder. A pair of these Flickers were here for a month or two last year at this time, too.

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New Arrivals, January 30 – February 5, 2012

Just one book this time, and it’s something a little different. How to Be A Bad Bird Watcher by Simon Barnes [Short Books 2006 trade paperback, new] – non-fiction – the various reviews of this have intrigued me, all of … Continue reading

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FFB: Sands of Mars

this is the 77th in my series of forgotten books Sands of Mars by Arthur C. Clarke, © 1951 -[publishing history: U.K.: Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1951, U.S.: Gnome Press 1952, Science Fiction Book Club 1953, Pocket Books 1954, Permabook (this … Continue reading

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