Policy Statement

The opinions I express here are my own, based on my experience, interests and knowledge. The opinions of others who comment are their own. You may not agree with what you read here. That’s Fine. I make no claim to being fair, an expert or even nice. I follow the WordPress rules, as this is a hosted blog.

I pay all fees and costs associated with this blog out of my own pocket. I have no personal nor professional connections to products, including websites, that are mentioned on these pages. I do occasionally receive a review copy of a book or other media and clearly state that fact in the published review. Just because such an item was shared or given to me does not influence my opinion of it.

I like comments, who doesn’t? I take a light hand at comment moderation, and trust everyone to follow the golden rule: if you wouldn’t like someone else to make the comment on your blog, it’s probably a bad idea to make it here.

I do have spam filters in place, if your post doesn’t pop up it may contain something I’ve decided not to allow. Try again with less links, gentler language. I reserve the right to edit all comments.