Ah, Fall!

Here in southern California it’s finally feeling like Fall. Cooler days and crisp nights are just right for me. We don’t get much Fall color here, not like the relatives in the east get, but there is a tiny bit. Here’s the Crape Myrtle in front of the house:

Crape Myrtle in color

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4 Responses to Ah, Fall!

  1. Patti Abbott says:

    Gorgeous. I’ll take some pictures from Michigan over the weekend. Not as outstanding as eastern Pennsylvania or Vermont, but not bad.
    – – This is about as good as it gets. Here in my area of SoCal, this time of year temperatures can range nighttime lows of 30-75 and daytime highs of 55-95. I’ve experienced 90 degrees and above on both Thanksgiving and Christmas. So some years we get a little color, like this, and other years green, or brown, leaves drop when the time comes. -R

  2. George Kelley says:

    The trees are just beginning to turn here in Western New York. I’m eager to see what FALL looks like in Indy when we’re at Bouchercon.

    – – I envy you that trip to Bouchercon, George. Please be sure to say “Hi!” to everyone for me. Maybe there’s be some kind of B’con post on your blog? I bet you’ll have a great time. -R.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We’re having gorgeous fall weather here – 60s for the high and nice, crisp air – but too early for the leaves to start changing as yet.

    It’s all in the perspective, however. I asked my mother if it was still so hot in Arizona and she said “No, it’s beautiful – 90.”

    – – Wow, I call 90 hot. We had a long, hot summer (say, that sounds kind of familiar…) here, it seemed like March through September, and as I said above, there’s more hot weather to come. But I’m really enjoying the cool week we’re having now. -R

  4. June Moffatt says:

    The crape myrtles were at their blooming best last month. If you can find a liquidambar tree, its leaves turn red and yellow.

    – – Our crape myrtle didn’t bloom much this summer, It never gets a deep watering. In August I put the hose on it at a trickle for an hour and the tree started blooming within the week, but I only did that one other time as the hose has to be stretched across the sidewalk and I don’t want someone to trip and fall. -R

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