We’re Having Spring in February




Peris and Hellebore

While a sizable swath of the country is laboring under record cold and snowfall, here in the Pacific Northwest we are having a very early Spring. At least it feels like Spring, with lots of sun and temperatures in the high fifties and even into the sixties every day for the last several weeks. We have Daffodils and Camellias in bloom as I type this on Valentine’s Day.

On our way to the pizza place to get our heart-shaped pizza today, we saw Dogwoods budding out. Our roses have new growth, as do the Flowering Currant bushes. This is crazy! Either this will be the mildest winter in a decade or else we’ll get back to the business of Winter, have a late freeze, and that will wipe out a lot of the garden.


new growth on Roses

Not that we couldn’t use some Winter. Our snow pack is dangerously low here, as are our rain totals. But the weather is mild and the plants think the time for that is past, and they’re coming on like gangbusters.

This is the weather we usually see in late April, if we’re lucky, more likely May, and that’s when we make our first forays to the nursery and garden meets. Confession: I went to the nursery yesterday and bought plants. That’s right, before the middle of February, I bought plants.

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9 Responses to We’re Having Spring in February

  1. macavityabc says:

    It’s like springtime here, too, but we’re getting back into winter on Tuesday. Maybe for just a short time, though.

  2. We’re having Winter. We woke up to -7 degrees (wind chill -25 degrees). Everything is covered by a three feet of snow. It’s like living at the North Pole.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It is amusing to see the Florida weather forecasters talk about the “chill” and tell people to wear sweaters (at least!) in the current “cold spell” when you see what is going on in the Northeast. In truth it has been several dgrees below the average high (currently – 77) much of the three plus weeks we’ve been here, with occasional colder weather like yesterday’s high of 67. Nevertheless – and some weather forecasters are clearly embarrassed by this – it has been lovely and beautiful most of the time. Generally, jeans and a T-shirt is enough, occasionally a light jacket (especially in the evening or early morning, when we are rarely outside). Some people wear shorts no matter how cool it is. We’ve only had a single day of 80+ temperatures since we’ve been here, though we may have another on Tuesday before the cold (65) returns. Overall, it’s been just perfect from our point of view.

  4. I see somethings blooming here but that’s not terribly unusual for us in February

  5. Richard says:

    George, I just couldn’t handle that kind of weather, but am happy with Portland’s seasons and temps. It ought to be in the high 40s or low 50s now, not 60.

  6. Richard says:

    Bill, your weather is worst in summer, methinks.

  7. Richard says:

    Jeff, that “cold” temp is slightly over our highs.

  8. We should be in Portland-like weather in a month or two. Until then, it’s the March of the Penguins time here.

  9. Richard, in my part of world, Bombay, we don’t have much of spring or winter though the weather this year has been cooler than in recent years. Summer and monsoon is what we have most of the time.

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