say, is that…

Is that John Boehner reflected in the mirror, plotting the GOP takeover of, well, something or other? No, probably not, since the cover illustration on this Avon Murder Mystery Monthly is decades old, but still, take a look at that face…


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5 Responses to say, is that…

  1. The Congressional kabuki dance is over and the Government will reopen. We narrowly avoided defaulting on our loans. These manufactured crises are expensive: $24 billion hit to the economy, $100 million in increased interest on the Debt because of the jump in short term interest rates. Thomas Jefferson said “We get the government we deserve.” But do we really deserve a government this bad?

  2. cgramlich says:

    A “dead ringer” I should say.

  3. Richard says:

    George, no we don’t, but as the rise of the radicalized Right continues, we’re going to get more and more teabag crazies trying to turn things in this direction, I guess. I thought spotting this cover was a good joke.

  4. Richard says:

    Charles, John, exactly.

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