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Happy New Year

Here’s hoping 2012 brings each and every one of you health, joy, quiet warm moments and many hours of good reading. Happy New Year from frosty Portland, Oregon.

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not how we planned

Christmas has been pretty miserable this year. What I’d thought was a chest cold was in fact pneumonia, and in the coarse of coughing over a week or so, I finally had such pain I went to Immediate Care, where … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. We are having a sunny but cold holiday, with no snow. I am certain Santa will do his best to find us anyway.  

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five hundredth post

I don’t have any New Arrivals for you, but this is what’s blowing my mind: This is the 5ooth post for this blog. It’s incredible to me that I can have done so many since I started. Sure, other bloggers … Continue reading

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Frosty Was Here

It’s beginning to look a lot like… well you know. No snow yet (this has been the driest December on record) but we’ve had a couple of hard frosts. These were taken in our back yard. The grasses got so … Continue reading

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New Arrivals December 5 – 11, 2011

Ah, the beauty of pre-ordering: things just show up and always a happy surprise. So it is this time with the new A. Bertram Chandler omnibus. Also new are a graphic novel and a soundtrack CD. Read on, MacDuff. Astro … Continue reading

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A Study in Sherlock

A Study in Sherlock by Laurie King & Leslie Klinger, editors © 2011, Bantam Books 2011 trade paper, mystery short story collection – multiple author The subtitle of this new collection is “Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon”.  What was done is the … Continue reading

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New Arrivals & Some Comments

Nothing new. That’s fine. I have a surfeit of books and CDs now. There may be something at Christmas, but I think Wife is trying for non-book Christmas, which will probably mean a new winter coat or something. That’s fine … Continue reading

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