New Arrivals December 5 – 11, 2011

Ah, the beauty of pre-ordering: things just show up and always a happy surprise. So it is this time with the new A. Bertram Chandler omnibus. Also new are a graphic novel and a soundtrack CD. Read on, MacDuff.

Astro City Dark Age – 2: Brothers in Arms by Busik (writer), Anderson (pencils), Ross (covers), Sinclair (color), Comiccraft (lettering). [DC Comics 2011 trade paper, new] – graphic novel / comic – the Astro City series is one the best written, drawn and most entertaining comic/graphic novel around and has been since the first issue. It’s ben a while since the last collection came out, so I’ll be re-reading that before digging into this.

Galactic Courier by A. Bertram Chandler [Baen 2011 trade paperback, new] – classic science fiction, space opera omnibus – this was just published, I received it on December 6th, having pre-ordered it. This one contains four novels: Star Courier, To Keep the Ship, Matilda’s Stepchildren and Star Loot. (What a great title on that last one!) To be honest, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the first of these three omnibus volumes collecting the John Grimes Saga, and really need to get going on these because they are fast, fun entertainment, perfect for this time of year. There are always SF-F reading challenges at the beginning oft he year, so these will give me a head start, if only I get reading.

Lost Horizon: The Classic Film Scores of Dimitri Tiomkin performed by Charles Gerhardt and the National Philharmonic Orchestra [Sony 2009 CD, new] – film music – this contains the symphonic suite for Lost Horizon, prelude to Guns of Navarone, Suite for The Big Sky, overture for The Fourposter, incidental music for Friendly Persuasion, finale music for Search for Paradise. Though I prefer complete soundtracks or full symphonic treatments of the full film music, these “the film scores of” collections sometimes have to do.

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11 Responses to New Arrivals December 5 – 11, 2011

  1. Carl V. says:

    It is fun when things arrive that you had ordered and then sort of put out of mind.

    I haven’t read A. Bertram Chandler, but have to admit that you have me intrigued. And though I’ve often complained about Baen’s choice of cover artists, or cover art, I also like to give them kudos for the stuff they keep in print. That means much more to me than their suspect covers.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    As mentioned on George’s blog I read the first couple of Grimes tales from the first omnibus, and liked them a lot. The first one in this group (Star Courier) was only soso but still readable, and it’s short.

    I got in a couple of CD’s but only one book: the latest in Andrea Camilleri’s Sicily-set series of Insp. Montalbano titles, The Potter’s Field.

    I’m expecting the complete set of Harry Potter DVD’s this week.

  3. I haven’t read ASTRO CITY: DARK AGE yet, but I’ve read just about everything else in the series and loved it. Busiek’s such a good writer I’ll try anything he does.

  4. I have GALACTIC COURIER and LOST HORIZON, but I’ll have to look into ASTRO CITY.

  5. Richard says:

    I agree with James, Busiek is such a good writer that I’ll pretty much read anything he does.

  6. Evan Lewis says:

    What? No Alamo on that Tiomkin collection?

  7. Richard says:

    Nope, no Alamo.

  8. Art Scott says:

    I have the Tiomkin and all the others in the Gerhardt Classic Film Scores series in their original LP issues from the 70s. A great set of records. Those recordings are prized by audiophiles as well as film music buffs, recorded in either Watford Town Hall or Walthamstow (memory fails me here) by the great Kenneth Wilkinson. I still pick up clean copies whenever I come across them. They all had wonderful 12″ x 12″ 4 page booklets, which I can’t imagine shrunk down to CD jewel case dimensions.

  9. Richard says:

    The liner notes seem to be complete and they are readable, 9 pages including 2 photographs. Notes say this one was recorded in December 1975 at Kingsway Hall, London. The album ARL1-1669 was released 1976. I have a half dozen of these Classic Film Series CDs, which are now released under the Sony label.

  10. Art Scott says:

    The LP notes have 9 stills from the movie, plus a full-size collage of Tiomkin photos (plus six more stills on the back of the sleeve). I rest my case for vinyl. Kingsway! Even better – beyond question the most acoustically ideal recording venue in London (especially when “Wilkie” was placing the mikes). Kingsway recordings are revered and sought after by audiophiles, especially by subwoofer freaks (with a good sub you can pick up the rumble of the Piccadilly line tube trains running under the hall). The fools tore it down.

  11. Richard says:

    In this case, the fools in town aren’t on our side…

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