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New Arrivals SPECIAL!

Here’s the last great hurrah on my book buying. Once a year, or thereabouts, Subterranean Press  has what they term a grab bag sale. Here’s what the initial mention in the e-newsletter (you have to be signed up to find out … Continue reading

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Ah, Spring!

Last night sometime it was supposed to become Spring, but you’d never know it here in the west. While the rest of the country is enjoying Spring-like, or even Summery weather, it’s still cold, rainy and windy here. For heaven’s … Continue reading

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New Arrivals, March 12 – 18, 2012

After last week’s large incoming batch, things are settling down now. The two books this time are both the result of FFB posts. I took an inventory last week and found 11 books partly read. So I’ve done it again, … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We’re having the traditional corned beef, boiled potatoes and cabbage this afternoon, and I’ll be watching some NCAA men’s basketball tournament games and trying to get the sweet peas planted, though it’s nippy now and will snow again tomorrow. Here’s … Continue reading

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Friday forgotten: the facts of the matter…

Nope, no FFB again this week. You may have noticed I’ve been missing a lot lately. Why, you may wonder. Several reasons: 1) I haven’t been reading as much or as fast. 2) I’ve been reading more recent books that … Continue reading

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March: wind, snow, rain, ice

Yep, March in Portland, we’ve had some nice sunny days, reaching into the low 60s, some rain, yesterday it poured and the wind blew hard, up to 60 m.p.h. a few times here, one of the gusts took our patio … Continue reading

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New Arrivals, March 5 – 11, 2012

After last week’s landslide of books, things have settled down a good deal. There had been a good deal of talk about reading Ed McBain, especially 87th Precinct books, for Friday Forgotten Books, and I admit I had none. That’s … Continue reading

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Recognize this?

Especially those of you who grew up during the late Fifties through the Seventies may have heard of Blue Chip Stamps. Blue Chip Stamps started as a trading stamps company called “Blue Chip Stamp Co.” They were a competitor to S&H Green Stamps. Blue … Continue reading

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New Arrivals, February 27 – Match 4, 2012

Quite a lot arrived, this time. I’m filling in the gaps I had with a couple of series, and bought a new graphic novel for the first time in a while, plus mysteries, for both myself and Wife’s reading pleasure … Continue reading

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FFB: Playgrounds of the Mind

this is the 80th of my series of forgotten books Playgrounds of the Mind by Larry Niven, some contents co-authored, July 1992 mass market paperback, science fiction and fantasy I bought this used copy for the car. If you’re like … Continue reading

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