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SCARRY NIGHT Flash Fiction Challenge

Patti Abbott issued this challenge on February 6:  “On Saturday night, we passed a young woman on the street who was talking to her male companion and said, “I really don’t mind the scars.” A good start-up line for a … Continue reading

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New Arrivals February 21-27, 2011

Note: New Arrivals is a day early this week to make room for my entry in the Scarry Night flash fiction challenge, which will be posted Monday morning. After a zero week last time, I’ve got 10 this time. Here … Continue reading

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Bookshelves! part 2

The library finally begins to deserve it’s name, as the room gets it’s shelves. The carpenter/cabinet maker finished the last of it mid-day today. The pictures show the bones, we’re still putting in the adjustable shelves, but you can see … Continue reading

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Snow Day

We have been hearing on the news/weather here for days about the big storm headed our way and that it was going to dump 4-6 inches of snow on us. Now in comparison to the snowfalls in places like Chicago, … Continue reading

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Bookshelves! (part 1)

The carpenter and cabinet maker are on the way with the bookcases for the “library”. They will be here in an hour or so, then the cases will be carried in, set up, bolted together and to the wall, trim added, … Continue reading

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New Arrivals – February 14-20

Sorry, folks, but I have nothing to report this time. As I mentioned last week, the buying and nots reading, let alone having anyplace to put them, made a halt necessary. It’s a good thing. There may be something next … Continue reading

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FFB: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Raleigh Legacy

by L.B. Greenwood, © 1986, St. Martins 1987 mass market paperback, mystery (pastiche) this is the 51st in my series of forgotten books The first Greenwood Holmes pastiche I read back in 2008 was The Thistle of Scotland. I rated it as … Continue reading

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it’s a happenin’ place

Things are really starting to happen around here. We’ve been spending some time (and dough) at the local nursery. So we bought some cornerstone plants: a large coral-bark Japanese Maple, several Forsythia, a small Witch Hazel tree, some lilacs  and other stuff. Here, … Continue reading

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It’s wood

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. According to the chart, the 5th one is the “wood” anniversary. It’s a big deal for me, because I was single for 60 years before getting married five years ago.  

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New Arrivals February 7 – 13, 2011

Five things this time and then that’s it for a while. Yes, you read that right, nothing more in the pipeline, nothing “in the basket”, nothing on pre-order, nothing expected. I’ve been on a bit of a binge and I’m … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, they’re in love. I know Valentine’s Day isn’t until tomorrow, but there will be a New Arrivals post then, so here you go. To misquote Beth Fedyn, hug ’em if you got ’em (and don’t eat too much candy!).

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FFB: Hildebrant Brothers’ The Tolkien Years

The Hildebrandt Brothers: The Tolkien Years, Expanded Edition, Watson-Guptill, 2002 oversized trade paper, with fold-out poster this is the 50th in my review series of “forgotten” books It seems to be Lord of the Rings week, what with my New Arrivals … Continue reading

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An Ending of Something Great

Yesterday I received in the mail the last mailing of the mystery apa DAPA-Em. I’ve been a member since 1997. I did 66 issues, usually about 10 pages in length, over that time, while the apa itself went to 216 … Continue reading

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Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books was gracious enough to drop by the ol’ Bullhorn and correct me on my comments on Off-Trail Publications, made in this New Arrivals post for January 17-23. I’ve updated the post and and recommend … Continue reading

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New Arrivals January 31 – February 6, 2011

Lots of goodies this time, and some variety; classic mysteries, graphic novel stories, several more pulp reprints, a DVD, a P.I. mystery and even a disaster novel. I may not be reading much, but I’ve been on a bit of … Continue reading

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lost and found, a glimpse at my reading history

In a way, it proves the power of the printed page, though really it’s just the importance of having a backup file. Last week while looking for something else I stumbled on some thin 3-ring binders, in one of which … Continue reading

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update on last night (see previous post)

Here is the article, from TV station KATU, Lake Oswego: (remember, we are only a block from Lake Oswego). The place they found he guy is one street over, but further down the hill. Two detained after pursuit of stolen … Continue reading

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Strangers in the Night

We were awakened about 3:45 am this morning by the sound of a loud metal-on-metal crash, immediately followed by a car horn – or alarm – droning and screeching tires. A look out the window through the trees showed us … Continue reading

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