update on last night (see previous post)

Here is the article, from TV station KATU, Lake Oswego: (remember, we are only a block from Lake Oswego). The place they found he guy is one street over, but further down the hill.

Two detained after pursuit of stolen SUV in Lake Oswego
Submitted by KATU Communities Staff

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — A man and woman have been detained by Lake Oswego police after the driver crashed into a retaining wall after a short police chase.

At 3:39 a.m. Feb. 2, Lake Oswego police responded to a report of a suspicious person at the Hilton Garden Inn at 14850 Kruse Oaks Drive. A person was seen looking into cars with a flashlight. A suspicious vehicle was spotted by police on Meadows Road and a traffic stop was attempted. The vehicle, an SUV confirmed by police as stolen from Lincoln City, initially stopped on Kruse Way at I-5. A woman ran from the vehicle and the SUV speed away. She was later detained by an assisting Portland Police Bureau Officer.

Officers pursued the stolen vehicle northbound I-5 to Haines Street and then south onto Southwest 57th Avenue, a dead-end road, where the vehicle crashed into a cinder block retaining wall at the end of the street. The male driver ran from the vehicle and with the assistance of a Beaverton Police K-9 a search of the area began. Approximately an hour after the initial call, the male driver, who has only identified himself as “Chris,” was found hiding on a deck of a house on Southwest 56th Court, within several hundred yards of the crash location.  “Chris” was detained and transported to OHSU after being bitten by the K-9 and his medical condition is unknown.

Lake Oswego police have responded to at least eight reports of car break-ins at the Fairfield Inn at 6100 Meadows Road. Reported stolen property has been recovered from the stolen SUV. Officers are canvassing hotels in the immediate area for any unreported thefts. The investigation is continuing.

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9 Responses to update on last night (see previous post)

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    Good to know that K-9 supercop is on the job.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Tonight on COPS… morons on the loose (but not for long).

  3. Your neighbor has a nice pool.

  4. Richard says:

    We were glad to find the article on line – nothing on the TV news, of course, as they had to pictures and they only include items with video – so we knew what had happened. The street where it started, in an office building complex, is one of the places we walk.

    Yes Charles, we’re frosty indeed, temps in the 20s, which for us is darn chilly.

  5. Cap'n Bob says:

    Bad boy, bad boy, what’cha gonna do?

  6. Richard says:

    crash into a wall, apparently, then hide until the K-9 dog bites you.

  7. Patti Abbott says:

    Yikes! You never think of crime in Portland.

  8. Richard says:

    especially not in the “better” areas… but then there are idiots everywhere.

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