Yikes, it’s Hot!

It was 113 in Los Angeles today, the hottest day ever recorded here. I stayed inside as much as I could, though I had a couple of errands I had to do, which I took care of early. Then I ran the air conditioning and was extremely glad for it. I don’t like this weather, I’ll be glad to move further north where it’s a little cooler.

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7 Responses to Yikes, it’s Hot!

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    A tolerable 80 here in Stumptown.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I saw that on the news here, Rick. Accurate as always, they’d predicted 103. That’s still hot but not 113!

    The hottest day ever in New York was only (only!) 106. We hit 103 in July, the first time since 2001.

    Pour a bucket of water over your head.

  3. Richard says:

    It got all the way down to 75 last night, outside. Inside, with the ceiling fans on and the windows open still too hot for sleeping. We left the air on all night, something we rarely do. Gonna be another hot one today, then will start to cool down.

    Evan – the National Weather Service site said 87 yesterday there.

    Jeff – the hottest day I ever experienced was 118, in Tucson when I was in college.

  4. And some people still think global warming is a myth! You’re moving out of So Cal at just the right time, Rick. The southern part of the U.S. will be unliveable in 20 years.

  5. Richard says:

    I don’t even know if I’ll BE here in 20 years, George, but I think you’re right. Not that there haven’t been plenty of climate cycles, hot and cold, before the industrial revolution, automobiles and all the rest changed things.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    The hottest weather we had was in the Phoenix area in September of 2004 and August of 2009 – probably around 110 or so.

  7. Carl V. says:

    wow, that is horrible! It was a nice 70 degree day here. I’m happy you are moving, no one should have to live in places that get that hot, in late September especially.

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