Ah, Spring!

The weather here in SoCal has been great the last week or two, and a gentle rain yesterday hasn’t changed that in my opinion, just freshening things up after a week of high 70s to mid 80s. The garden is bursting, the dwarf Japanese Maples (named variety “Emperor” is shown below. It’s in a large pot just outside the bedroom window) are leafed out in their beautiful Spring foliage and are blooming just now, though it’s hard to see the tiny blossoms.

The roses are blooming, we have the first fuchsia blooms, the Sun Swirl begonias have their long flower stalks up and open (shown below), everything is looking great!

I love this time of year!

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4 Responses to Ah, Spring!

  1. Carl V. says:

    I’m with you all the way in loving this time of year. A big part of my lack of time on my own blog lately has been the beautiful weather and the projects that have sprung up, pardon the pun. Lots of trimming and weeding and grass planting and landscaping. Its been fun, except for I seem to have gotten into the poison ivy quite early this year and am paying for it. After a few weeks where it was too hot for this time of year it has cooled down nicely, with high’s in the upper 60s, low 70s, and it is wonderful.

  2. Richard says:

    You have poison ivy in your yard? Yikes! But no, I guess you must have gotten into it while out walking, hiking or otherwise communing with nature. Get out the Calamine lotion, and maybe give a listen to the 1959 great, “Poison Ivy” by the Coasters.

  3. We too have poison ivy in the yard and it can be difficult to remove. Adds excitement to ordinary gardening activities.

    Enjoyed the photographs.

  4. Carl V. says:

    No, it was in the yard, somewhere that I didn’t notice. I’m super sensitive to it so it could have just been a tiny amount. Very annoying!!!

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