New Arrivals and Current Reading, September 22 – 28, 2014

I’m changing my format on these post somewhat. Since I have few new arrivals these days, I’ll do a post on those as things come in.
I’ll continue to do a Current Reading post each Monday. 

New Arrivals
Surprise! I did get some things. Thanks to the generosity of friend Jerry House, whose fine blog can be found at Jerry’s House of Everything, I got the three paperback Phantom novels which Jerry recently reviewed (here). Thanks, Jerry!

I also received a pre-order I’d forgotten was even going to come. So here’s the goods:

Since Jerry’s Friday Forgotten review of these is so complete, I won’t try to duplicate it. You see the covers, now go read his entry (link is above in case you missed it).

The Story of the Phantom (1972), The Slave Market of Mucar (1972), The Scorpia Menace (1972) all as by Lee Falk (written by Basil Copper), [published by Avon Books, used copies, gift] – adventure hero, pulp character novels. This kind of thing is usually a blast to read, and a nice change from doorstop SF-F or mysteries.

Astro City – Through Open Doors by Kurt Busiek (writer), Brent Anderson (pencils), Alex Sinclair (colors) [Vertigo 2014 graphic collection (Collecting issues 1-6 of Astro City, 2013), purchased new] – collection of 6 issues of the Astro City comic from 2013. This is one of two collected comics that I still buy and read, the other being Fables. They’re both very well written and recommended.

Current Reading
I finally finished the four volume Inheritance quartet by Christopher Paolini, which consists of Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger and Inheritance. The four books total a mind-blowing 2,850 pages. I’ll do a review of the set once I catch my breath.

After that, I needed a change, so I read the collection (see new arrivals, above) Astro City, Through Open Doors and have started the first of the Phantom books I just got, but may also start a mystery.

Barbara finished The Lime Pit by Jonathan Valin and liked it, especially the P.I., Harry Stoner. She has the second one on order from the library. Now she’s reading another Reacher novel, Gone Tomorrow and has Bill Pronzini’s Bones next up.

What new books did you get, and what have you been reading?

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19 Responses to New Arrivals and Current Reading, September 22 – 28, 2014

  1. I have a complete series of those Phantom novels from many years back.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice books. Nice gift.

    Nothing new here though I have two separate orders on the way, plus some British TV shows on DVD on the way from England. They should arrive this week.

    I finished three books this week, two library books and one mine. First was the large THE VERY BEST OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: 60th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY, as previously recommended by George (I Read Everything) Kelley. I have Volume Two on hand. This one had some pretty good stories in it. Next was the highly praised (deservedly so) novel, WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES by Karen Joy Fowler, who had a story I liked a lot in the F & SF collection. I have a collection of her stories on library hold. This one is the very sad story of a most unusual family. Lastly it was book four in Jeffrey Siger’s Ch. Insp. Andreas Kaldis/Greek series, TARGET: TINOS. I believe you said you or Barbara didn’t like this one much but I enjoyed it and felt I learned a little something about Greece. Also, Kaldis finally got married!

    Current reading: Molly Antopol’s excellent collection of stories, THE UNAMERICANS.

  3. I just finished THE FAR PAVILIONS and the review will be up on my blog tomorrow. Those PHANTOM paperbacks had some great covers! You don’t see cover art work like that anymore.

  4. I read The scorpio menace, which I didn’t care all that much for. Cool covers though.

  5. Richard says:

    Randy, have you read them?

  6. Richard says:

    Jeff, I didn’t like TARGET TINOS as well as the previous books, but that hasn’t kept me from putting a hold on MYKONOS AFTER MIDNIGHT, the next one, nor putting a hold on SONS OF SPARTA, the newest (still on order by the library). As for THE VERY BEST OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION: 60th ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY, sounds good but I’d really like to avoid big thick books for a while. I like that: George (I Read Everything) Kelley. Ha!

  7. Richard says:

    George, I read FAR PAVILIONS so many years ago I’ve forgotten when, but I was living in Laguna Beach at the time, so prior to 1982. All I remember is that it’s a big, thick, long saga of India.

  8. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Wasn’t there also a miniseries of FAR PAVILIONS?

    I thought so:

    For HBO and Goldcrest, and first screened in 1984 in the UK, Peter Duffell directed a five-hour three-part television miniseries based on the novel, starring Ben Cross as Ashton, Amy Irving as Anjuli, Omar Sharif as Koda Dad and Christopher Lee as Kaka-ji Rao. It was HBO’s first mini series.[2] The mini series ran 300 minutes,[3][4][5] and the parts were entitled “Return to India”, “The Journey to Bhithor”, and “Wally and Anjuli”.

  9. Richard says:

    Charles, I suspect these Phantom books have to be read at just the right time, when the mood strikes. Then it’s either like it, fun or “meh”.

  10. Richard says:

    Good catch, Jeff. I sort of recall that, I’m sure my mother, who loved the book and pitched it to me, watched that.

  11. Jeff, I watched the mini-series as well as reading THE FAR PAVILIONS. The book was better. There’s an interminable wedding scene that seems to go on for an hour. But the story is epic.

  12. Jerry House says:

    Glad those Phantoms arrived safely, Richard.

    For some reason I haven’t been able to get into Paolini (perhaps because I saw the atrocious movie based on the first book). Maybe I should give it another try. Barbara’s taste is spot on; Valin and Pronzini are both first-rate; I haven’t read many Reachers, but I’ve enjoyed those that I have.

    I finished August Derleth’s THE WISCONSIN: RIVER OF’ A THOUSAND ISLES; the factual history was interspersed with some of Derleth’s interest and personal reminiscences, making it an interesting read for Derleth fans. Speaking of Derleth, I also finished THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SOLAR PONS by Basil Copper and have started dipping into his THE DOSSIER OF SOLAR PONS.

    Other books read include L. Sprague de Camp’s HEROES AND HOBGOBLINS (a collection of light poetry), Fritz Leiber’s THE BAZAAR AT THE BIZARRE, Robert E. Howard’s HAWKS OF OUTREMER, and three volumes of Jason Aaron’s gritty graphic novel series SCALPED.

    On the bedside table for the coming week are three more by REH and one by Fritz Leiber, as well as two Arkham House books, Russell Kirk’s WATCHERS AT THE STRAIT GATE and M. P. Shiel’s XELUCHA AND OTHERS. Also just in is Charles Angoff’s ADVENTURES IN HEAVEN, a slim 1945 volume mentioned in Tuck’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY; I thought I’d give it a whirl.

  13. Jeff Meyerson says:

    MYKONOS AFTER MIDNIGHT is in transit to the library. I picked up a couple of Muriel Spark’s books today – an early novel and a collection of essays.

  14. Read them all many years ago as they came out.

  15. Jeff Meyerson says:

    The F & SF anthologies are nowhere near as fat as the books you just finished. The first is 475 pages and the second is 419.

  16. Richard says:

    Jerry, they sure did, in great shape. I’m halfway through the first of them. (I made a comment on your blog that they had arrived). Copper’s Solar Pons stories are favorites of mine, I should do some rereading of them. Man, I’ve not heard mention of Tuck’s encyclopedia in some time! What fun. I liked but did not love the Paolini, it was over-written and under edited, especially the 3rd and 4th volumes.

  17. Richard says:

    Randy, I figured you had, but had to ask. 🙂

  18. Richard says:

    Jeff, those still sound fat to me, I’m in kind of shock after so many pages of the fantasy quartet.

  19. I used to love the Phantom as a kid – love the covers

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