Rain, Wind, what have you…

We had Fall for a couple of days and then the rains came. The leaves are blowing off the trees before they get do do much color change, the chrysanthemums were beautiful for a few days before they go beaten down by the rain. Same with the last roses. Here’s a couple of pictures taken just after the first light rain and before the real rain and wind came. I guess you could say this is the last of the Summer-Fall beds. Things are beginning to die back as the nights are getting into the mid-40s.

It would have been a nice leaf color change without the rain. We’ll have a day or two of scattered sun breaks and clouds, then on Thursday – Saturday more rain.

That would be just in time for three yards of soil amendments and mulch that is being delivered Friday morning. It will clump and the guys we have hired to move and spread it will have a hell of a time. Damn! At least our backs will be mostly spared. We’ll be doing a little of the work, but will quit when we start to ache. You can look forward to a picture of that pile of soil amendments and mulch sometime Friday after my FFB goes up.

At least it was sunny – but cold – this morning for my trail walk along the Willamette River!

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4 Responses to Rain, Wind, what have you…

  1. The Fall foliage is peaking this week around here. Gorgeous colors! We’re supposed to hit 70s today (15+ degrees above normal). The guy next door just had his in-ground pool covered. That’s the official sign of Fall in Western NY.

  2. cgramlich says:

    It was nice here this morning. We have supposedly had some nights where it hit fifty. I haven’t see it, though.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We’re back to the 60’s and the leaves are slowly starting to turn…

  4. Richard says:

    We had some sun yesterday morning and afternoon, but it rained last night and is raining now at 7:30 am. though it’s forecast to hit 62 and be “mostly sunny”. Our Maple tree in the back yard has about 2 leaves that have color, the one in the front is about 1/3 yellow and the rest still green. Many have already blown off. Rats, we were looking forward to some really nice Fall colors this year.

    The guys who are going to spread the soil amendments + mulch called yesterday – they have to work Friday. So it will be Barbara and I doing it Friday afternoon in the rain and the guys will come Saturday early to finish up. Oh my aching back.

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