expected photos post delayed

I promised a post today with pictures. Turns out we can’t find the clearly labeled small box of cords and cables I packed. Things is, the packers didn’t like our smaller boxes (the Tetras game of filling the mover’s trailer) so it was slipped into another box. After a couple of days, we did find the missing drill, which I thought had gone away forever, and a few other missing items (silverware, sponges, lamps, etc.). The stuff will turn up, but until the cables come to light up I can’t download pictures and share them with you. Drat.

After buying a new washer and dryer today, (Black Friday prices 6 days early), we found a great place to have lunch or dinner, called The Thirsty Lion Pub and Grill, where we had excellent food. We’ll be going back. Tomorrow I expect to get the speakers and components hooked up so there will be sound, TV and music on at least one of the floors. Huzzah.

Any suggestions what CD I should play first?

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8 Responses to expected photos post delayed

  1. I suggest you play anything by Mozart. His music always lifts my spirits!

  2. Bill Crider says:

    My tastes are much more crass than George’s. Buddy Holly would do it for me.

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    After the troubles you’ve seen, you might be tempted to play the blues, but I’d go with something upbeat like Caribbean or Zydeco.

  4. Cap'n Bob says:

    Early Beatles is my meat.

  5. Beatles or Mozart would work for me.

  6. Drongo says:


  7. Richard says:

    Finally got the TV and stereo set up (another call to and visit by Comcast, and no, I still don’t have Comcast email, but I did fire up a G-Mail account as a stopgap).

    So after a very nice dinner with friends (see next post) I got home and put in the first CD in the new house. My choice: Iris – music from the motion picture, composed by James Horner. It’s a favorite soundtrack, it’s calm and uplifting, it’s filling the space beautifully.

  8. Art Scott says:

    Something calm and soothing would seem to be indicated. English pastoral: Vaughan Williams Tallis Fantasia or Lark Ascending, Butterworth’s Banks of Green Willow or Shropshire Lad, Finzi’s Eclogue, etc.

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