I Like Oregon, but I Loathe Comcast

NOTE: No matter what happens or doesn’t, tomorrow’s post will be about our house, life and city and not about the following topic. Promise.

This was supposed to be a nice move to a beautiful new home in Portland, our stuff in, beautiful Fall color, some rain, some sun, and getting all set up. It’s mostly all been that way. It is beautiful here. We love the house, the view, all of it. Our home has electricity, gas, water, trash. All with no problem and nice people taking care of me when I called. Right now I’m so mad I can’t enjoy any of it.

I had a nice person talk to me from Comcast, too, when I called to request a new account and service. This Nice Person made false promises that everything would be just fine, no problem, we’ll take care of you. Boy, did they ever, and it just keeps going on…and on…and on.

After a 7+ hour install appointment, I had a phone number. I also could use a browser to access the internet. Wow, that’s progress, isn’t it? Of course that would have taken 10 minutes, with no home visit required, in Non-Comcast Land (NCL). But then in NCL, I would have been able to also have the cable television, and email I was promised. And the phone wouldn’t be full of static and random beeps, tones and whistles, none of which they say they can hear.

I have so far called Comcast 8 times, trying to get this resolved. These calls were because they said they would contact me, but did not do so. I had to follow up myself, or sit here and rot, which is what I guess they hoped would happen. As long as I paid my bill, of course.

I just had a truly wonderful conversation with one of Comcast’s Finest, which I’d like to summarize for your entertainment and edification. I called to say “I still don’t have any email, how soon are you going to get this taken care of?” I was ready to ask for a supervisor this time, and go higher as the conversation seemed to indicate. Oh foolish me to think such a thing would even be possible.

After the usual phone tree, then entering part of my account number, pressing more numbers to satisfy the computer thing, and waiting a long time (always in fashion, apparently) I got a person. To whom I had to explain the whole thing, because they don’t append notes or document contacts when they have customer’s call with problems. Then this person tries to Fix It. Of course if that was possible it would have been fixed days ago. I tell them so but they try anyway, then tell me they can’t fix it. Surprise! I’m then told a “ticket” will be written on the problem. I tell them there are already several of those, to no result. “Oh yes, now I see that.” I’m told. Duh.

So I ask to speak to the supervisor. “My supervisor is not available” I’m told. I ask to speak to the person covering for the unavailable supervisor. No one is covering, I’m told. Okay, then bump it up to the next higher level. “I’m sorry,” I’m told, “those people do not speak to customers.”

No supervisor, no coverage for the supervisor and no one above the entry level will speak to a customer. WHAT??? Don’t I feel special. This is NOT the way it works in Non-Comcast Land. I know because that’s where I lived a few weeks ago. This is without a doubt, absolutely the worst service, technical and customer, I have ever experienced. Anywhere, with anything.

Once this is all straightened out, I expect one or more thrilling conversations with the billing department. I’m not going to be willing to pay for anything that wasn’t fully operational, and right now that’s most of the great package I signed up for.

The logo on the welcome folder they gave me says “We Get It Right!” That ought to be “We Don’t Have A Clue How To Get It Right!“.

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12 Responses to I Like Oregon, but I Loathe Comcast

  1. Bill Crider says:

    I hope Comcast is monitoring your blog. That might get you some action. I’ve had minor issues before, and they’ve been picked up from the blog and taken care of. I hope it works that way for you. If not, you might want to consider satellite. My brother has a satellite Internet connection that seems to work pretty well.

  2. Todd Mason says:

    And whatever landline competitors they might have up there. My cable is pretty good with Comcast, but the internet connection is something else again…I once got spoofed when trying to rehook up my computer to the ComCast site and boy did that put some malignant software om my machine. I keep thinking I might go Verizon here in the Philly burbs…since DirecTV has solid downsides, too.

    Sorry this has been such a Boy Howdy for your new digs.

  3. Todd Mason says:

    And, clearly, Comcast is monitoring blogs, given the response to your previous message, much as with Bill’s experience. If the Cap’n were to chew out Comcast on hist blog…but, then, Birthday Bob isn’t a Comcast customer…

  4. Evan Lewis says:

    Ouch. My Comcast experience (thus far) has been cable only. I get phone and Internet from the old-fashioned phone company. I feel your pain, though. Heck, it’s bleeding right through my computer monitor.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Been there, done that, especially the “everything else is OK but this is killing me” part, Rick and sorry for your pain.

    Time Warner has gotten a lot better than they used to be, both in responsiveness and in actually getting things fixed, though it does take some time to get an actual person on the phone at times, at least one speaking understandable English. But in recent years they call in advance to confirm appointments, call again just before they’re due to arrive, and come when they promise, all big improvements from 10-15 years ago.

    We’ve had the “let me send a signal that will fix it” call too (it didn’t) and more than once we’ve had “customer service” reps who know how to do a couple of things only (clearly with a manual in front of them as a guide) and nothing else. I always feel like saying, “Look, you can’t fix it from there, clearly this is above your level of expertise, just make the appointment and send a tech who does” but you have to go through the crap, much like the TSA.

    At least when they have to come out they can actually fix it.

    Good luck.

  6. Carl V. says:

    I’m so sorry Richard. After several excellent years with Comcast I went through a 2 year stint with internet service that would drop for no apparent reason every few months, terrible customer service, and much losing of my temper with idiots (i.e. tech support) on the phone. One day I got so mad I walked in the house, unhooked my modem, and went down to their office and handed it directly to the person behind the counter and canceled my service. I resisted the urge to be upset with her, and to her credit when she looked up my account and saw what a mess things had been she not only voiced an understanding but actually gave me a break on my last bill.

    I despise Comcast. Though my AT&T is occasionally slower than my Comcast internet ever was, it is cheaper, I’ve never lost service, and my blood pressure is under control!

    I hope things get resolved for you quickly so that you can start enjoying that aspect of your lovely new home.

  7. Not making your first days in your new home enjoyable. They should be taken out and shot! Heh!

  8. You might have better luck with Verizon’s FIOS if it’s available in your area.

  9. Richard R. says:

    Still not fixed, I’m already considering switching to regular phone company for phone and another ISP for internet, keeping C-Cast for cable only, as Evan does. I do now have TV. Today I’m trying to just forget about the computer, except for mapping and a post later with some pics.

    Thanks to everyone for your patience with my rants. It’s BEAUTIFUL DAY HERE TODAY.

  10. Patti Abbott says:

    No matter where you live or what you do, COMCAST will always let you down. No exception.

  11. Cap'n Bob says:

    I told you I loathed them, and now you know why. Seems like all their money and expertise goes into their bullshit commercials.

  12. ComcastMark says:

    Richard – I am so sorry for the poor experience. Please feel free to email our team so that we can address the issues you mentioned here. Please include your account info and a link to this page on your email.

    For those of you who are in need of assistance from Comcast, you may contact us as well.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

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