Christmas shopping today………

I was going to post another Christmas short story collection today, but I got caught by the season and calendar. I finally had to do as much of my shopping as I could. I spent 5 hours, went to 11 establishments, bought a few things.

The problem with shopping for gifts this time of year, perhaps any time of year, is I never know what to get people. My wife is the most difficult one to figure out. (She says the same thing about me) Since she pretty much buys what she needs as she goes, and also things she wants, it leaves me trying to guess what she might not need, or really want enough to buy for herself, but will still like as a gift. It’s a heck of a lot harder than it sounds, as many of you already know.

I was partially successful. I got a couple of things that I already know were impulse choices and may have to go back. Or I can stick them in a stocking. Or something.

Though it seems everyone is having a sale right now, the things I was attracted to somehow didn’t have a “sale” sticker on them. About half of what I bought was on sale, somehow it always seems the stuff I want is full price.

So I’ll have to go out shopping again. Maybe if I made a list it would go better, but how can I make a list when I don’t know what I’m shopping for?

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9 Responses to Christmas shopping today………

  1. Bill Crider says:

    I still need to get a couple of things. Hate to face the crowds, though.

  2. Drongo says:

    The thought of facing those Christmas crowds…ugh.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    We do all the shopping online.

    Books, mostly, plus gift certificates for the nieces and nephews.

  4. Richard says:

    I figure the crowds weren’t as bad today as they will be in a few days. It wasn’t too bad, actually, since I avoided the mall and went to smaller “quasi-malls”.

    Jeff, shopping on line is great if you know what you want, but I had to go the browse-’til-you-spot-something route, and on-line doesn’t wok as well for that. Plus, I’m getting to the high cost shipping times.

    One good thing – people seemed to be in a good mood, friendly and polite. THAT’S a nice change.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    We bought almost everything online this year–which makes me feel guilty. We also bought things like a membership at the Science Center for my son and his family. Megan likes vintage jewelry but we have a woman who saves stuff for us-so that usually is pretty easy. Her husband gives us a specific list–too many bad purchases in the past, I guees. Mostly we give books, DVDs and music and since the local bookstores never have what we want anymore, we get it online.

  6. George Kelley says:

    My wife and I used to go through the anguish of giving each other the wrong gifts until we decided that my wife would buy her gifts, I would buy my gifts, we’d wrap them and pretend to be delightfully surprised on Christmas. Saved a lot of aggravation and returns.

  7. Richard says:

    George – I’m a kid when it comes to Christmas, so I like surprises. At least I can make a wish list and then it will be a surprise which item(s) she picks. She does the same but it seems it’s always another quilting book. I guess she says the same about me and SF or mystery books and soundtrack CDs.

  8. Scott Cupp says:

    Sandi and I have no kids. our basic philosophy is that every day is a holiday and every weekend is Christmas. At some point, she will ask me what she got me for Christmas. And then she will tell me what I got her. Works well.

  9. Richard says:

    Scott – that’s a novel way of looking at it. I have no kids either, my wife has two grown ones from “before”. We pretty much buy what we feel like, when we feel like, so your method would work for us.

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