ffb: Cons, Grifts and Scams

this is the 165th in my series on forgotten or seldom read books

Cons, Scams And Grifts by Joe Gores, Mysterious Press (Warner), 2001, hardcover, mystery – DKA

cons etc“It was Easter. From his exquisite one-story art deco building in the mid-9100 block of Sunset Boulevard, Victor Marr talked on the scrambler phone with the Yakuza gangster named Kahawa, in Hong Kong on his behalf.”

What do twenty-seven classic cars, a dancing bear pickpocket and a millionaire in Big Sur have in common? They are all in this book, part of Joe Gores’ DKA [Daniel Kerney & Associates] series.

It should be no news to anyone that I like what Joe Gores writes. I find his PI procedurals very entertaining indeed, with good characterization and realistic scenarios, which isn’t surprising considering Gores’ background as a PI himself.

This one picks up where 32 Cadillacs ended and carries the story forward. One thing that adds a special treat in this particular DKA is that I’m in it, as a very unlikable villain. But modesty keeps me from pointing that out. The culture of the gypsy clans continues to fascinate Gores and I find it fascinating as well. The scams run are clever and believable. I enjoyed this and though it’s not my very favorite DKA, they’re all pretty darn good, this one included. 

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12 Responses to ffb: Cons, Grifts and Scams

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    You know, I remember 32 CADILLACS very well but can’t remember whether or not I read this one. As a real fan of Gores and DKA I must have, right? But I just checked my database (granted, the one on the laptop is several years outdated and it isn’t on there. I will have to get a copy as soon as I get home, if my full list proves I haven’t read it.

    So this was a productive review for me!

  2. Haven’t read his work but sounds like I should give it a try.

  3. Richard says:

    Jeff, wouldn’t you have remembered one in which the villain was Richard Robinson? Maybe?

  4. Richard says:

    Charles, I don’t say this to you about a lot of mystery fiction, but this is an author I think you’d enjoy.

  5. I read 32 CADILLACS (and enjoyed it) but I never got around to reading CONS, SCAMS & CONS. I’ll have to remedy that. Nice review!

  6. Richard says:

    Thanks, George. I like just about everything Gores has written.

  7. Who would ever have thought that in this day and age Gypsies would make such a great subject for a series of private eye novels and stories? Thanks of the review, Gyppo.

  8. Richard says:

    John. two Gores review on one Friday Forgotten post day, how very cool. Welcome aboard.

  9. Thanks! Hey, why not give everyone a surprise and show them the back cover of the book and how it reflects the front?

  10. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I probably would have remembered, Rick. I definitely didn’t read it.

  11. Richard, the author and the series are both new to me. I like reading a good police or PI procedural, especially one that is as entertaining as this series is.

  12. Clieeevish says:

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