Current Reading, December 1 – 7, 2014

Not a lot of reading, but I’m plugging along. I finished Jeffrey Siger’s Sons of Sparta which I enjoyed but didn’t think was as good as the previous two books. Still, it’s a series I enjoy and will certainly read the next when it comes out.

I also read The Silence of the Library by Miranda James, part of the author’s “cat in the stacks” mystery series. It’s a cozy, and while I’m not a big cozy reader, the plot is about collectors of young adult mystery series, and the author of one such (fictional) series who is living and agrees to speak at the local library. That intrigued me, but I thought the book, while entertaining, was pretty much light fluff.

I recently came across mention of a Newberry Medal winner, a mystery, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin which was new to me. I got it from the library and am about 50 pages into it.

Barbara finished Deadline by John Sandford and is now about halfway through In the Dark by Brian Freeman. Next up for her is Mark Billingham’s The Bones Beneath.

What are you reading?

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10 Responses to Current Reading, December 1 – 7, 2014

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I finally finished the 940 page BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF LOCKED-ROOM MYSTERIES. I can’t believe George read this one in a week. The problem is, it’s so big you are pretty much anchored to one spot while reading it, which you should, as there are a lot of good stories. I’d read a bunch of these before so did skip some of them, like the Hoch Dr. Sam Hawthorne stuff.

    Also read Lee Goldberg’s MR. MONK IS A MESS, which finds Monk and Natalie working as cops in Summit, New Jersey. I have Goldberg’s last Monk book on hand now, though the series has continued in other hands,

    Also (all these were library books), I read Goldberg & Janet Evanovich’s latest about FBI Agent Kate O’Hare and gentleman thief Nick Fox, THE JOB, a very fast and fun read. The first in the series, being the origin story, is the best but I’m enjoying these, especially when you need something light. Kate’s father is my favorite character.

    No new arrivals this week but a few new library books came in, including the Monk and the new Stephen King, REVIVAL. With Jackie going to Orlando today to Friday I’m hoping to get more reading done. I’m also reading UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE, which is still on point 50 years after it was published.

  2. I read THE WESTING GAME long ago and liked it. I was able to read THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF LOCKED-ROOM MYSTERIES in a week because I’d already read a third of the stories. Jeff’s right about the bulkiness of the book. I had to rest the huge tome on a table to read it. The book is just too heavy to rest on a lap.

  3. Jerry House says:

    I’m almost finished with David Kesterton’s THE DARKLING. It’s a far, far future tale of a world that has changed significantly with the few remaining humans trying to survive various monsters, a novel somewhat reminiscent of William Hope Hodgson’s THE NIGHT LAND. I’m also working my way through the stories in AYLMER VANCE, GHOST-SEER.

    Those I finished this week include Brian W. Aldiss’ PILE: PETALS FROM ST. KLAED’S COMPUTER, Margery Bowen’s collection KECKSIES AND OTHER TWILIGHT TALES, Haruki
    Murakami’s very surreal THE STRANGE LIBRARY, Walt Kelly’s OUR GANG, VOLUME ONE, and the graphic novel BATMAN BEYOND: BATGIRL BEYOND.

    It’s been a strange week. My grandson went in for a minor operation (he’s fine) and my daughter gave me two kittens as an early Christmas present. Between traveling to and from Children’s National Hospital in D.C. (never, NEVER get directions from MapQuest!) and explaining to the dog that the kittens were not puppy chow, I took my reading moments whenever I could find them.

    This coming week I’ll play catch-up on a number of books as well as trying to figure out what to get everyone for Christmas — something I dread every year.

  4. Richard says:

    Jeff, if you recall, it took me eight months to read the Black Mask story collection, another huge volume. I can lay it in my lap and read it, if I bend over it, but that’s uncomfortable. I have a “lap desk” my brother gave me which would work if my shape were a little less rounded… When I get the book (Christmas) I’ll be reading a story or three at a time over the next year, just as I am with another very large collection now. I may skip a few that I’ve read before, the same ones you did, since I’ve the Hawthorn collections from C&L and have read them there.

    I’ve yet to read any of the Monk books. Thanks for you opinion of UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE. Not that I’m planning to reread it. I hope Jackie has a good trip.

  5. Richard says:

    George, I’m enjoying THE WESTING GAME so far, though on page 43 (of 270) I have figured out the big clue, though not the culprit. I doubt I’ve read a their of the stories in the locked room collection, though there will be some I’ll reread anyway if it’s been a long time and I don’t remember the solution. As I said to Jeff, it will take me most of 2015 to read. But does it matter? If I’m reading something I enjoy, what’s the hurry?

  6. Richard says:

    Jerry, trying to figure out what to get Barbara for Christmas is something I dread too. I finally told her if she doesn’t find and buy what she wants, she’ll get a package of vacuum cleaner bags (that ought to light a fire) and a gift card to open on Christmas morning. I think she’ll go shopping tomorrow. I do, in my half-hearted way, wrap the packages, though.

    I’m still planning to get hands on Aldiss’ PILE: PETALS FROM ST. KLAED’S COMPUTER. I just have to drive over to Washington County to get it (after applying for and getting a library card for that county), or doing inter loan. I’ve seen Walt Kelly’s OUR GANG, but not read it

    Glad the grandson is fine. No, I wouldn’t use MapQuest. I don’t think kittens or puppies are ever a good present. If a person wants one, they should do it on their own. I always find my reading time as I can.

  7. I just finished a short book called Date Night on Union Station that was a complete surprise to me. It was a light tale, to be sure, but it was very entertaining and I liked the main characters a great deal. Plus it was free!

  8. Richard, I’m not familiar with any of the books in your current reads though all of them look good to be read. I’m rereading a couple of Don Pendleton’s original The Executioner novels starting with Mack Bolan #1 for my own “first novels” challenge.

  9. Richard says:

    Carl, I’ll have to look for that, may DL it if it’s a free e-book.

  10. Richard says:

    Prashant, you could try Jeffrey Siger’s Murder on Mykinos, which is the first of his (so far) six book series. I liked it a lot. Also, if you have not read it, you should certainly read the first of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolf books!

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