New Arrivals, October, 2014

Death At St. Asprey’s School

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4 Responses to Death At St. Asprey’s School

  1. Kaiden says:

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  2. I’m not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

  3. “So, many of us have made our stand a fight about ending criminal impunity through the enforcement of existing laws. We are not going to be satisfied with mere rationalizations.”And, you’re not concerned that in fighting oppression, that you will do or encourage others to impose a pendulum swing of oppression in response. Specifically either the forced removal of hundreds of thousands or more from their homes, or the denial of self-governance to a community that desires it?

  4. LOL, I completely understand! I used to bake so much that I actually got sick of eating sweets. That tells you how much I baked!! Now, I bake a much more balanced rate, but I still eat way too much And I refuse to bake anything low-fat. No problem with people who do, but I just can’t. I keep telling myself I’ll approach all those cakes and pastries with moderation but nooo.Thanks!

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