Long, Hot Summer, continued

3789711442_22b06f7fe6There’s just no let-up. It’s been in the 90s a lot. The most 90 degree days we usually get here is 11 per summer. We’ve already had 16, and today was another.

Though we keep the thermostat set at 80, the air conditioning has been kicking on at 10:am and it’s still running at 9:pm.

If I have to leave the house, I do it early, then I’m indoors the rest of the day and evening. I really don’t like this weather one bit.

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6 Responses to Long, Hot Summer, continued

  1. We’ve finally joined you here in North Carolina. The local weather channel had “feels like 97 degrees” this afternoon.

  2. Richard says:

    Sorry to hear that, Randy. Hope it cools off soon for you. Tonight the weather guru said cooler (high 70s) weather Sunday and next week.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Don’t want to rub it in but we’ve barely had to turn on the air conditioners this summer at all, just a few times at night and maybe twice during the day Otherwise the fans more than suffice, We just had our second 90 degree day in August (Sunday could be another) and only had three in July. But after the hideous winter of cold and snow (fortunately, we missed much of it in Florida) this has been a real relief. Apparently, 2000 and 2009 were even cooler, but who remembers that?

  4. Like Jeff, I don’t want to appear too gleeful about our cool summer. Zero 90 degree days! The Polar Vortex keeps pumping cool air our way. And Lake Erie and Lake Ontario work like two giant air conditioners, too. Our temps next week should be in the comfortable 70s.

  5. Our AC has been running most of the day too but in general we’ve had a pretty mild summer compared to many

  6. Our weather kind of broke a couple weeks ago. It’s been back getting into the 80s lately, but I can handle that. Bring on more fall!

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