Like Pie?

My wife and I go to the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market most Spring and Summer Saturday mornings. It’s where we get farm-fresh local fruits and vegetables, and there are vendors selling breads, pastries, flowers, juices and hot foods as well. We go early, have a cup at Peet’s Coffee, then wander the Market and buy what we want that week.

BlueRaeven wbpg

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Two weeks ago we spotted the Blue Raeven booth and I bought a small (11 oz. – think pot pie sized) rhubarb pie. It was delicious! The crust, my first standard for judging any pie, is short, buttery, flaky and light. The filling was tart, the way rhubarb pie should be. Last weekend we went back and bought a large apple pie (the one type of fruit pie Barbara likes), and also a small peach-raspberry pie, which I warmed and ate that afternoon, with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream. What a pie! I nearly swooned.

That Peach Raspberry was the best pie I’ve had in many, many years. The filling combined the slight tartness of raspberry with generous slices of sweet peaches, flavorful but not over-sugared or overcooked.

Guests ate up almost all of that apple pie. I wanted more. Yesterday it was a beautiful day for a drive. So we decided to drive to Amity, Oregon, about 45 minutes away, to visit Blue Raeven and – of course – buy more pie.

Amity is a small town and the farm stand is a converted 50 year old gas station with a small gravel parking lot, with a few scraggly plants for sale, and some chairs outside the funky little store itself. But inside, there is pie. We talked to one of the owners, were introduced to the two round, rosy-cheeked women who are the principal bakers, who smiled a lot, and took in the cluttered shelves full of syrups, jams, condiments, berries and the baker’s racks full of pies.

Blue Raeven is one of the largest blueberry growers in the state; their acres of berries are  four miles down the road from the pie store. Their pie business has been going for eight years now and besides in Amity the pies are sold at farmer’s markets and some stores in the area. The woman I talked to told me they would like to expand, but they need more ovens to do so. Right now they are a large blueberry grower with a smallish local pie operation.

I like pie, but I’m hard to please. The pies from Blue Raeven are a knockout.

Here’s another review, from Willamette Living.

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14 Responses to Like Pie?

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    What Bill said. They all sound yummy. The one pie (well, there’s pumpkin too but I’m talking fruit pies) I don’t care for is cherry, which is Jackie’s favorite, but give me apple, blueberry, peach, etc. The peach raspberry sounds great. I’m also a big fan of strawberry rhubarb.

    Now I want pie.

  2. Richard says:

    Jeff, of course you do.

  3. We’re big fans of pie around here. But both Diana and I are banned from eating rhubarb pie by our doctors. Rhubarb can help kidney stones to form. But apple pie gets the Green Light!

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Rick, Jackie is worried about your diet. Pie is bad!!!

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    George, I didn’t know that about the kidney stones. There used to be a chain called Four & Twenty Pies (after they closed there were rumors they were mob-owned) that made fabulous strawberry rhubarb pies. I haven’t eaten one since they closed.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    Cherry is my least favorite too. Blueberry and peach my favorites. Although I have to say when cherry season hits Michigan, you get some top-notch pies that are not so sweet.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I like cherries as is, just not in pies. Don’t get me wrong, I will eat them (especially if I can have them with vanilla ice cream) but prefer other fruits.

  8. mmmm, I’d like a blackberry cobbler. Amity. That name reminds me of Jaws, of course.

  9. Richard says:

    Jeff, I’m not a huge fan of cherry pie either, though if it’s sweet-tart with fresh cherries, as opposed to made with that cherry pie filling stuff, it’s okay. Of course the crust makes the pie. For years, rhubarb was my top favorite pie, but only if it came from Marie Callendar’s. When Callendar’s was a local SoCal chain, their pies were the best, both filling and crust. I used to get a rhubarb pie on my birthday every year and consume it over several days. I quit eating pie here, no Callendar’s and no one else had anything close.

  10. Richard says:

    George, I have never heard that, I’ll have to see what my doc says. I like apple pie, but prefer peach, rhubarb, boysenberry or blueberry. We don’t have pie often, usually just on holidays.

  11. Richard says:

    Jeff, tell Jackie it’s okay. We don’t have pie often, usually just on holidays. This has been a little pie splurge, but there is no more pie in the forecast until my October birthday. As for the diet, it’s very slow going due to my lack of willpower, but Barbara helps by making me count Weight Watcher points.

  12. Richard says:

    Patti, most of the pies I don’t care for are non-fruit, such as pumpkin, pecan, lemon meringue. We agree on the fruit pie favorites, though this peach-raspberry is the tops.

  13. Richard says:

    Charles, I prefer pie to cobbler because of the bottom curt, but both are great. No Great Whites in this little farm town, but – as you can see in the picture – you can get tractor parts right across the street.

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