In a crack between the flagstones, this little Viola has found a home.


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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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7 Responses to Persistence

  1. Love flowers, just don’t have the gift. Something like that might be the only way for myself.

  2. Richard says:

    We bought a couple packets of seed two years ago and sprinkled them in the nearby flowerbed. They self sow and come up like gangbusters every year, yet they aren’t invasive and are easy to transplant or pull. Violas are a cinch.

  3. Lovely picture, Richard. There is hope yet. I often see small plants with beautiful flowers in the unlikeliest of places such as between the wall and a drainage pipe or along the divider on a congested road.

  4. If that iris was here, it would be drowning in the almost daily rain.

  5. I love how life finds a way

  6. You’ve got no slugs then? They bloomin’ eat every viola I plant (I don’t do slug pellets and have tried every other method) They climb a nearby plant and drop down for the “tasties” – outwitting me and and the coffee grounds/eggshells/pistachio shells/ copper tape, etc etc!

  7. Richard says:

    Susan, here in Portland, OR we have slugs the size of battleships (slight exaggeration). But they seem to confine themselves to the Hostas, Petunias, Black-Eyed Susan (new growth), and, did I mention Hostas? We bait (pet safe) but that only knocks them down a little. But we have Violas a foot high with nary a slug bite to show, though they do seem to hide therin.

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