Death Before Compline by Sharan Newman

Death Before Compline by Sharan Newman, stories © various, Bagwyn Books 2012 trade paper, historical mystery short story collection


This volume contains seven stories originally written by Newman for various themed collections over the years, each featuring characters from her series. Seven murders, seven solutions. The setting is France in the early to mid Twelfth Century, mostly in Paris but also as far afield as Rouen and Germany.

I like Newman’s series, what I’ve read of it (the first two). Her characters – here as in the novels – are intelligent, her settings well described and highly researched. I enjoyed hearing her talk at the 2014 Left Coast Crime convention, and bought this book there. It took me just an afternoon to read, and it was time enjoyably spent. Very nice stuff.

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5 Responses to Death Before Compline by Sharan Newman

  1. I’ve never heard of Sharan Newman but I’ll find this book and read it. Not everyone can write good mystery short stories.

  2. Not familiar. A lot of mystery stuff that I’m in the dark about.

  3. Richard says:

    George, her series begins with Death Comes As An Epiphany and has the same setting and lead character. You like the Michael Jenks and Ellis Peters (Edith Pargeter) historical novels, so you may like Newman’s series too.

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