Signs of Spring

While much of the country is suffering late snow storms, heavy rain with chance of floods or too early summer heat, here in Portland, Oregon it’s Spring. Though we’re still dipping into the high 30’s at night, the days are in the 50’s and we’re getting sunny, or partially sunny days between days of rain showers. The garden is coming on. Take a look, and mouse over or click to get the description and a bigger image:

Last weekend we planted sixty Gladiolas in our Iris beds to extend the flowering in those places, added a dozen Callas and fed and turned the soil in the yet-to-be-planted Summer Bed (we plant it on April 15).

The big Garden Fair, a hundred nurseries and sellers in one place, one weekend, is mid-April and once we come home from that we dig in, literally. We love this time of year.

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4 Responses to Signs of Spring

  1. Spring, ha! Western NY is buried in a foot of snow. Temps are headed for the single digits. It looks like the North Pole here!

  2. Richard says:

    Yes, George, that’s why I thought you’d enjoy a glimpse of Spring here, and the reassurance that it’s coming to western New York in a month or two.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    That looks like Spring all right. Of course in South Florida we’ve had 70’s and 80’s most of them time we’ve been here, with only two or three days with rain.

    New York City’s weather isn’t as bad as George’s but it is just as nuts. (I’ve been watching live newscasts on the laptop.) Yesterday was gorgeous and 65. Today we dropping from the mid-50’s this morning to the low 20’s tonight with single digit wind chills by tomorrow morning. And though it doesn’t look like a lot of snow is coming a wintry mix will result in icy roads.

  4. we saw a lot of budding trees on our last walk here. Good thing since our heater just went out

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