ffb: Poul Anderson’s short works

this is the 132nd in my series of seldom read or forgotten books

Poul Anderson has long been a favorite SF author of mine, and I did a guest post on him over at The Little Red Reviewer site. It’s up today, and you can find it HERE. I don’t know if the books are considered forgotten, but they have been out for a long time and they are top notch. Click on over there and check out the post.


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2 Responses to ffb: Poul Anderson’s short works

  1. Like you, I’ve been reading Poul Anderson’s works for most of my life. Very professional, very consistent. I have dozens of Anderson’s works in paperback, but I really like the NESFA collected editions of Poul Andersons oeuvre.

  2. Yep, big fan of Anderson’s work too. I don’t know why he doesn’t get wider recognition. Some of his stuff is among my favorites ever

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