What’s happening at Our House



Yep, that’s about it.

How are your holiday preparations going?

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12 Responses to What’s happening at Our House

  1. Bill Crider says:

    We have our tree up, and there are even presents under it.

  2. My kids put up a small Christmas tree every year and we leave presents under it. It’s the one season and festival we look forward to. Plum cake and marzipans are a favourite at home.

  3. Our Christmas tree has been up for a month. Some presents magically appeared under it. We pick up Patrick at the Airport tonight. Katie flies in from Boston Saturday morning. I’m handing in my grades to the Registrar’s Office today. Then, I’m FREE!

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Free at last! Way to go, George. Did you need to fire up Big Orange this week?

    We’ve had 12 straight days of colder than normal temperatures including two snowstorms (which fortunately didn’t leave much) but now we’re heading for the 50s and 60s over the weekend.

  5. cgramlich says:

    we really don’t do much for the holidays so they are going grand!

  6. Richard says:

    Way to go, Bill. I bet you’re on Santa’s “good” list this year.

  7. Richard says:

    Prashant, sounds really nice. Plum pudding and marzipan, eh? Here we enjoy Christmas cookies, we baked some last night. Sugar cookies, Snickerdoodles, and ginger swirls. Today it’s a cookie I love called Nanimo Bars. Then we always have home made cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

  8. Richard says:

    George, good going. You whipped through those grades pretty fast, it seems. Obviously all your students didn’t give you their take in 50 pages on how the invention of the Summarian dhow let to TV advertising in the early 1950s.

    I forgot you put your tree up in October and leave it up until February. Good thing you’ve got an artificial one. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. Richard says:

    Jeff, you have warm weather and we’re freezing here. High 20s again last night, high of 31 today. The decks and flagstone covered with a slick of ice. We’re glad we have the Subaru, with all wheel drive.

  10. Richard says:

    Charles, no special holiday traditions? No tree, or gifts, or decorating or special Christmas eve / morning foods? Nuttin’?

  11. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Yes, you can’t go wrong with a Subaru in winter weather. I don’t think I’d buy anything else.

  12. Redhead says:

    same as usual. lots of reading. lots of regular cooking (this evening’s beef stew with stout was incredible). Some house cleaning.

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