New Arrivals, Current Reading December 9 – 15, 2013

This is my 800th post. Oh my.  It has remained cold here, as in most of the country. We’ve kind of been in slow motion mode, but the tree and house are decorated, a few gifts are under the tree and we’ve done a little cookie baking.

Once again, nothing new has arrived, other than a CD of Christmas music. We’ve had some deliveries but things go directly to the “wrapping area”. Now I wonder why that would be?


Finished: The Case of the Missing Brontë by Robert Barnard (review Friday), The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and Skirmish by Clifford D. Simak, a short story collection.

Under way: I’m continuing the seemingly unending reading of The Black Lizard Big Book of Black Mask Stories which is huge and is taking huge time. I started it last Spring. I’m also still reading Wordslingers a history of western pulps, which I’ve been pecking away at for some time. Also I’ll continue (and hopefully finish Red Station Drifting.

I’ve gotten so tired of looking at that stack of partially read or barely started books that I’ve decided to re-shelve (or at least shove off into a corner) many of them. Not something I’ve done before, but it’s necessary. I need something fresh! I’m going to start two things: a Steven Marlowe Chester Drum spy novel Drum Beat: Dominique and, for short stories, Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs edited by Mike Resnick. I expect to start something else after the holiday as I suspect there will be a book  or two coming my way.

Did you get anything new? What have you been reading?

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8 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading December 9 – 15, 2013

  1. I recently read a short story called “The Book Case” by thriller writer Nelson DeMille and I’m keen to read some of his long novels. A couple of Indian fiction in English are in order. “Wordslingers,” the history of western pulps, sounds interesting.

  2. I’m wanting to re-read On a Red Station, Drifting at some point. Maybe I should read it aloud to Mary as I think she’d enjoy it.

    We are getting a weird break from the cold this week, with temps up to and around the 50’s until Thursday night, when it suddenly becomes winter again and perhaps snows. Odd.

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    I just received the first Parker book by Donald Westlake and a Craig RIce book. Homicide Sweet something. Also Edna O’Brien’s COUNTRY GIRLS trilogy.
    Too lazy to go downstairs and look.
    It is freezing here and we just had eight inches of snow at least. I hate winter. Can’t wait to leave for California on the 4th.

  4. I just received an email about our South Campus closing because of the Lake Effect snow storm that dumped over a foot of snow on them overnight. This is FINAL EXAM week so that will cause havoc down there. I’m at the City Campus (we have plenty of snow, too) but we’re still open. My FINALS are scheduled for tomorrow so I’m hoping the snow holds off until I can get the exams taken, corrected, and graded. Then, I can start pleasure reading again. Like you, I have a huge stack of books to read. Big Orange has been busy clearing my driveway and sidewalks the past few days during this Snow Event. Until Lake Erie freezes over, Western NY is vulnerable to tons of snow. South of Buffalo, several towns were hit with 48 inches of snow! The ski resorts love it!

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Patti, I think the title you want is HOME SWEET HOMICIDE.

    I read THE GODS OF GUILT (library), Michael Connelly’s latest Mickey Haller book; finished L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt’s TALES FROM GAVAGAN’s BAR (expanded edition – mine), and read the entertaining and amusing EMINENT HIPSTERS (library) by Steely Dan frontman Donald Fagen. You might want to check it out at the library, Rick. (You too, George.) He became a jazz aficionado at an early age and used to take the bus in from New Jersey at age 13 to see them perform at clubs. He also has a chapter about the science fiction he was reading them – Philip K. Dick, A. E. Van Vogt, Alfred Bester, etc. There are chapters about the Boswell Sisters and Henry Mancini, among others. The second half of the book is his diary of the 2012 tour with The Dukes of September Revue (Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs) that makes it clear Fagen is not a happy camper to be traveling with! I did get a lot of laughs out of his curmudgeonly behavior.

    New books? Got several in a sale from Better World Books including the last Slider book by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (I’m now five behind), BLOOD NEVER DIES; John Enright’s PAGO PAGO TANGO, a trade paperback the library doesn’t have that was strongly recommended by George Easter; Warren Adler’s collection of stories, JACKSON HOLE: UNEASY EDEN, and a Simenon I was positive I had but could not turn up on any shelf, THE VENICE TRAIN.

    Current reading: Andre Dubus III’s memoir, TOWNIE, and Brian Garfield’s collection of spy stories, CHECKPOINT CHARLIE.

  6. cgramlich says:

    I used to keep a more ‘readily available’ tbr pile too but I really like to be spontaneous when I select my next read.

  7. I had a plan for what I intended to read by year’s end, then scrapped it. Instead, I had a small pile of Pathfinder Tales novels from Paizo that I’d accumulated. I’d joined their subscription service just for a steady supply of fast-reading fantasy stuff that I like to cleanse the palate with on occasion. Except, as is typical, I’d fallen about 5 novels behind. So I figured I’d try and catch up and, depending on their quality, decide if I wanted to continue the subscription or not. So far, one was okay, another was absolutely awful, and the current one is a blast.

  8. Jerry House says:

    Richard, I read four collections by Bill Pronzini this week: BURGADE’S CROSSING, QUINCANNON’S GAME, ODDMENTS, and SCENARIOS. I’m currently deep into the new Dean Koontz, INNOCENCE. On hand are more Pronzinis, two by Ed Gorman, a Lawrence Block, an early John Farris, and Mike Nevin’s ELLERY QUEEN: THE ART OF DETECTION. On order are a slew of Pogo books. Good times ahead, indeed.

    No snow in my neighborhood yet (he gloated), and even the bitter cold weather has gone away for the nonce. I attribute all of that to clean living.

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