New Arrivals, Current Reading December 2 – 8, 2013

When we went to buy our Christmas tree on Saturday morning, it was 20 degrees out.We got a nice 7 foot tree and it and the house will be decorated over the next few days, I guess. It would be a happier time if we hadn’t had pipes burst in the ceiling. We winterize the house, blow out the sprinkler lines, have (what we had been assured was) adequate insulation in the attic. But there was a drain plug hidden away no one ever pointed out and we had never seen,. I guess we’d been lucky the other really cold weather we had, but there’s been nothing like these many consecutive days in the ’20s and ‘teens. Damn & Drat.

Nothing new. A package was delivered which looked suspiciously like a book, but it was whisked away by the Captain of the Palace Guard herself.


More of the same. Other than the Barnard and the C&H, I’m barely reading anything, I even have a stack of magazines getting taller.

Damn, the Christmas rush is on already. Shopping, wrapping (I’m terrible at wrapping), holiday activities and football. Plus dealing with household disasters. When is there any time to read?  My annual reading total will be okay, I’ll hit my goal of 104 (two per week) but my December totals will probably pretty much suck.

Did you get anything new? What have you been reading?

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13 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading December 2 – 8, 2013

  1. Ah, secret new arrivals then! 🙂
    Hope the decorating goes well. Sorry to hear about the burst pipes. That is not pleasant at all!

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    All those years selling books via mail order made me an excellent wrapper.

    I read three books – all from the library – last week. First was THE CASE OF THE LOVE COMMANDOS by Tarquin Hall, latest about Delhi-based PI Vish (“Chubby”) Puri, good as usual. Next was another memoir that was recommended in the book mentioned last time, Darin Strauss’s HALF A LIFE. I don’t know about you but I found it hard to resist wanting to find out what happened next after this iopening sentence:

    “Half my life ago, I killed a girl.”

    When he was 18 he killed a girl with his car. Even though it wasn’t his fault – she rode her bicycle out directly in front of his car – it haunted the rest of his life. It’s a short, fast read.

    Lastly I read Jim Lehrer’s TOP DOWN: A Novel of the Kennedy Assassination. It was OK but not up to his best in my opinion.

    New arrivals? There were some CDs (Bonnie Raitt, Woodstock, Hugh Laurie) and DVDs (the W.C. Fields set I’ve been after that has IT’S A GIFT and several other favorites in a collection of ten movies) but only one book: Ian Wallace’s DEATHSTAR VOYAGE, first in his “Claudine St. Cyr, Interplanetary Detective” series. I can’t remember if I read about him here or elsewhere. This was supposed to be a paperback but was actually a hardback book club edition from 1969.

    I do have several other secondhand books that should be arriving this week. I just started the new Michael Connelly book.

  3. The semester is winding down so I am able to do some reading (while proctoring exam). Just finished TALES BEFORE TOLKIEN: THE ROOTS OF MODERN FANTASY to get in the mood for next week’s second installment of THE HOBBITT. And THE BIG BOOK OF CHRISTMAS MYSTERIES.

  4. Richard says:

    Carl, yes, it seems secret arrivals. Barbara has been wrapping stuff like crazy for days, most of it to send to the relatives in TN, CO and CA. Last (we hope) visit to the Post Office this morning.

  5. Biill Crider says:

    Currently reading John Scalzi’s The Human Division.

  6. Jerry House says:

    The week started off as a graphic novel spree, with three by Joe Lansdale: RED RANGE (a very strange western with a masked Black hero), PIGEONS FROM HELL (adapting the Robert R. Howard story), and CONAN AND THE SONGS OF THE DEAD. Then came Mickey Spillane’s FROM THE FILES…OF MIKE HAMMER, a collection of daily and Sunday strips. I also read Barry Malzberg and Bill Pronzini’s ON ACCOUNT OF DARKNESS (a SF collection) and the new Jack Taylor from Ken Bruen, PURGATORY. Bill Pronzini’s FEMME, a novella from Cemetery Dance, was a fast and interesting read. I’m working my way through the stories in Dashiell Hammett’s THE HUNTER and should finish that in a few days.

    This coming week looks like a Bill Pronzini week for me since six (!) books by him just came in from the library, including his latest Carpenter and Quincannon novel, written with Marcia Muller. There’s also a couple of Lester del Rey books from the old Winston Adventures in SF series that have been calling to me.

  7. DANGEROUS WOMEN by George Martin, DIRTY LOVE, Andre Dubus III, NIGHT FILM by Maria Pessel. And the biography of Barbara Stanwyck.

  8. Richard says:

    Wow, everyone’s reading SO MUCH. I wish I could get in gear and read more but I just can’t seem to get going with it. Maybe tomorrow…

  9. I’m currently reading lots of comic books and playing chess both online and with the computer. I’ll eventually get back to the books.

  10. Very sorry to hear about the burst pipes. Damn. that sucks.

  11. My reading this year is WAAAAY down from the last couple, and I don’t really know why. I’m sure I’ll bounce back for 2014, though.

  12. Richard says:

    Chris, I wonder why we’re having this dip in reading? Weather, time of year, just busy, or what?

  13. Richard says:

    Jerry, where do you find your Winston books?

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