a quilt full of leaves

Several years ago, while accompanying Barbara on visits to quilt fabric shops, I started picking up fabrics with leaf designs. Over time we wound up with a whole bin full, and this quilt is one of two I planned to design to make use of them. Here’s the finished quilt top, pinned on the design wall. The backing, batting (stuff in the middle), quilting to hold it all together and the binding (the outside edging) are still to come. Below the image I’ll show some pictures of the process. Click for bigger image.

finished quilt top

finished quilt top

The center fabric of each block is a different fabric, as are the small squares on the corners of each one. Including the border fabric, there are 41 leaf fabrics in this small 64 x  48 inch lap quilt.

It took a lot of time in layout and design board work, compared to the time she spent piecing it, but it’s a nice traditional result with interesting fabrics. A friend does the assembly and quilting for us, then Barbara puts on the binding and the quilt is ready to use, gift or display on the wall.

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3 Responses to a quilt full of leaves

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Really, really nice. I like the leaves design a lot.

  2. That’s very cool. I remember sleeping under home made quilts when I was a kid.

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