Our convention schedule

We’ve finally nailed down our mystery convention schedule.


GOING: we’ll be going to Left Coast Crime in Monterey, March 20-23 2014. We’re planning on going a day or two early to tourist about a little. Due to my procrastination we didn’t manage to get into the convention hotel. If anyone has a room in the convention hotel and decides to cancel, PLEASE LET ME KNOW FIRST. Thanks.

NOT GOING: we’re not going (for various reasons) to Bouchercon in Fall 2014. Wish we could, but no go.

GOING: we’ll be going to Left Coast Crime 2015. No details on that one yet.

Looking forward to seeing many friends at the ones we’ll be attending.

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Enjoying life in Portland, OR
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4 Responses to Our convention schedule

  1. You still need to get Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 in their for May 2013!!! 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    Carl, you mean 2014. We’re having trouble finding a non-flying way to get to KC.

  3. Yes, that. Ha!
    There are interstates…trains…mailing yourself via UPS…

  4. NO more conventions for me until next year.

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