The plan that wasn’t so successful

summer-reading-black-and-white-illustrationI had high hopes for my summer reading when I posted my proposed summer reading list (here). I’m not a fast reader, so that was an optimistic list.

Of the eighteen books shown in that post, can you guess how many I actually read?

– D-99 by H.B. Fyfe
– Odd Man Out 
by Matt McCarthy
– Song of the Sky by Guy Murchie
– The Crimson Mask Omnibus by Norman Daniels

However, in addition to reading those four books, I did two things: 1) I read a bunch of other books, 2) I started, or already had started, a whole lot of books I still haven’t finished. What I did get read was:

3 Judge Dee books by Robert Van Gulik (mystery)
9 books by Anne McCaffrey (science fiction)
1 short story collection by Eric Wright (mystery)
1 new Louise Penny novel How the Light Gets In (mystery)
1 travel book by Ken Levine (non-fiction)
2 books on collecting books (non-fiction)

So I read twenty-one books, more than the eighteen I had planned, they were just different books, and several of them (to be honest) were much shorter than some of the big books I’d planned. More books, less pages. That’s how these reading plans go sometimes. Maybe next summer I’ll skip the reading list and just see if I can clear a few things off the nightstand.

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10 Responses to The plan that wasn’t so successful

  1. Richard, we are on the same page though I think you read some fine books. Whenever I fall behind with my reading list, as I almost always do, I make up for it by reading more comic-books, short stories, and short fiction and adding it all up. I have five unfinished books. The problem with unfinished books is that they look good when you’re reading them but they’re a pain when left unread for too long. It’s like “Oh, I still have to get that out of the way.”

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I agree with you, Prashant. I do that too.

    Rick, that’s why I don’t make lists any more.

  3. cgramlich says:

    For nonfiction, I have a reading plan. but for fiction I just pick up whatever interests me at the moment.

  4. Richard says:

    Prashant, I agree with you. At the moment I have nearly 20 (!!!) books partially read, in stacks, a bookmark sticking out of each one, that need to be finished and put away or disposed of (donated). Some of these books have been sitting since the first of the year or longer

    So of course I now have vowed not to start another book until they are all finished. We all know how that works out.

  5. Richard says:

    Jeff, I’ve always been a list maker, it’s a hard habit to break, especially where books are concerned.

  6. Richard says:

    Charles, the problem is I “just pick up whatever interests me at the moment” too, but before I finish that one, list or no list, I often start something else, like an inconstant lover.

  7. Rick, I read one book at a time. I finish the book (or abandon it after 50 pages if it doesn’t grab me) and move on to the next book in the Read Real Soon stack. You read plenty of good books this summer!

  8. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I make lists too. Library lists, book swap lists, favorite authors with new books coming out lists, “buy now” lists. But my reading is more affected by what I have out from the library and what short story collections are at hand.

  9. Richard says:

    George, that’s my usual MO, but then I see something else, or a book comes in at the library that I just have to read right away or something comes in the mail, and before I know it I have a stack of “partials”. Plus as Jeff said above, there are the short story collections. Those seem to take me forever (no I don’t read one a day, though I sometimes try) to finish, and the fatter they are the longer they sit harboring a bookmark.

  10. Richard says:

    Jeff, yes, I know you’re a list maker, because you know every book you’ve read for decades back so you must keep a books read list. I let the library keep library list, in my reading history page. As for buy now lists, I used to do that, now it’s all impulse, it seems.

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