note on ffb

In case anyone wonders why I again didn’t have a Friday Forgotten Book this last week, here’s why: I had the book picked, the short review written, the cover image inserted and then forgot to send the bloody link to Patti. I finally thought of it at 3:00 pm west coast time and considered that way too late. So it’ll go up next Friday.

I tried for a long time to have a book every week, but have slipped as I have been reading less or reading newer books or just loafing. Not that loafing is a bad thing for an old retired guy (me) but still.

Meanwhile it’s absolutely gorgeous today, and though I was outside for a while this morning, the Seahawks game (they won in a squeaker) and the Forty-Niners game (on as I write this) have brought me inside, except for short sorties into the back garden. Ahhh.

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2 Responses to note on ffb

  1. While you were watching the Seahawks win a squeaker, I was watching the Buffalo Bills lose a squeaker to, the New England Patriots. Again. New head coach, new rookie QB, same result.

  2. Richard says:

    But George, they lost in the last minute by a field goal. Last year it would have been by 14 points. Give them a chance.

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