Happy July 4th Independence Day!

lady 4thI hope everyone has a happy, safe day, enjoying your favorite things.

Our heat wave is over and it will be about 81 with a slight breeze and 25-30% humidity today. We’ll be enjoying chicken, potato salad, fruit salad, ice cream and cold beverages including Portland Brewing Co. India Pale Ale, ice tea and lemonade, all shared with friends.

I hope it’s cooling off for those of you in the heat wave zone, and drying out for those in the rainy areas. Have a great 4th.

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13 Responses to Happy July 4th Independence Day!

  1. Richard, a Happy 4th of July to all Americans! I look forward to watching “Independence Day” on HBO tonight!!

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Have a good one, Rick. Unfortunately, we will not be cooling off any time soon – quite the contrary in fact. The rain will be moving off – we’ve had five months worth of rain (19.45 inches) in the last two months – but the heat will be pushing into the 90’s for the foreseeable future with no letup in the brutal humidity.

    We’re probably going to Outback Steakhouse today but will definitely leave the free Bloomin’ Onion (check out the Outback website) to the EOTU. At 1959 calories it is a definite no no.

  3. Prashant, I remember going to see INDEPENDENCE DAY on Opening Day with my wife and kids on July 4, 1996. We all loved it! Today, we’re going to keep up the tradition by seeing a movie. But we’ll be doing it in Western New York, Katie will be viewing in Boston, and Patrick will be watching something in Albuquerque. Like Jeff, we have been pounded by rain. And the humidity is brutal. But there’s none of that in a Regal Theater! Happy 4th everyone!

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    George, we saw INDEPENDENCE DAY on July 3, 1996. Jackie will still watch in at any time – and boy, does it turn up a lot on cable!

    Hello boys, I’m baaack!

  5. Sounds like a great day, Richard. The weather is beautiful here, supposed to be low 80’s today and will be nice and cool tonight when we light off fireworks. We’ll be grilling out pork chops and corn on the cob for lunch and are going over to friends house for more good food tonight.

  6. Richard says:

    Prashant, sounds great. We used to watch the film every year but got tired of it and haven’t pulled that DVD out in a while.

  7. Richard says:

    Jeff, my gosh that sounds just awful! All that rain and then 90s, wow. I sure don’t envy you. The heat and humidity in the east south and midwest is one of the main reasons I will stay on the west coast. When we have high humidity here it’s usually cool, even rainy and cool, so it’s quite tolerable. What you’re getting is terrible. Hope you two can stay cool, at least inside.

    We haven’t been to an Outback in years, but that bloomin’ onion was too much in amount as well as calories the one time we got it.

  8. George, INDEPENDENCE DAY is a regular on Indian cable TV. I liked the film too and have seen it several times. A good movie all round.

  9. Richard says:

    George, sorry to hear you too are having the heat & humidity following your rain. I spent a summer in central Kentucky while in the Army, doing armor training, and there were days when it was 90f/90%. It was, using Jeff’s term, brutal. It’s gorgeous here, and we’re probably going to be grilling and eating al fresco in the early afternoon.

  10. Richard says:

    Charles, thanks.

    Carl, seems your weather is like ours. Sounds like a great day. Somehow I thought you had a 4th run of some kind today, Is that early, before all that eating?

  11. Right back at you! Our heat wave appears to be relaxing as well. Glad I remembered the old AC unit my dad gave me a couple years ago . . . on the last night of the heat wave. Oh well, the summer is yet young.

  12. Richard says:

    Thanks, Chris. It was an especially raucous one this year, some of the people a block or three away were still shooting off what sounded like artillery fire at 12:45, way too late for my liking. Still, no fire, injuries or such problems reported in newspaper or on the news today, so that’s good news. Our cats spend the afternoon and evening under the bed.

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