SFAL art – a closer look, Part 2

Here’s the second installment of a closer look at some of the artwork I got from Spectrum Fantasy Art Live! in order to give you a better look and a little more information. Part 1 is HERE.

First up, a delightful painting by Brian Kesinger.

"Tea Time" by Brian Kesinger

“Tea Time” by Brian Kesinger

Kesinger is an interesting artist, for his technique, style and his marvelous sense of humor. He draws the images, inks them and then colors them using both traditional water color and washes of tea. The image above is from his delightful book, Walking Your Octopus. the cover of which is shown below.

walking your octopus

The woman’s name is Victoria, and the octopus is named Otto. This book is wonderful and I heartily recommend it.

The second print I want to share is by Jean Baptiste Monge, an artist whose work is whimsical and truly delightful.

Jean Baptiste  Monge - cart with pig

Jean Baptiste Monge – cart with pig

I just love this small print. The expression on the face of the pig is priceless. The dwarf (or whatever he is) seems completely comfortable with the weather and his circumstances, so the pair move on down the muddy track. There’s a lot of detail in this, the more I look, the more I see.

Next I’m giving you a look at three prints by Stephan Martiniere that I combined into one image for space purposes.

Stephan Martiniere - 3 images

“Strength” “Red Sand, Red Sky” “Life on Mars”

Stephan Martiniere has been a favorite of mine for years, ever since I saw some of his covers on SF-F books. I had a chance to meet him at a Comic-Con years ago. He’s really a very nice man, willing to discuss his work and it’s challenges. I bought a print from him then and was eager to get more.

Last is something different, though I suppose you could say all of the images I’m showing you are different from each other. This one is by Dave Dorman.

Dave Dorman - "Surprise"

Dave Dorman – “Surprise”

No narrative is needed here, or maybe it is. Certainly the fellow with the guns is startled to see the voluptuous woman showing herself like that. Of course he doesn’t see the knife. I love the use of color and form in this painting. I also love that it’s inscribed.

That’s it for this time, but there is more to come in Part 3.

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7 Responses to SFAL art – a closer look, Part 2

  1. Wonderful to see these again. I myself have the Life on Mars image, which I got at last year’s Spectrum event. I took that and the Martiniere that I bought this year and they are in the framing shop.

    Grabbed a couple of Kesinger’s tea girls prints for myself and those are also currently being framed.

    Every time I see the Dorman image I wish I would have grabbed one of those for myself. That may need to be on my radar if he, and the show, return next year.

    I’m hoping to get my interview questions out to Brian Kesinger tonight and will hopefully have a much more detailed post about him and his work soon.

  2. Richard says:

    Carl, I could find no name for the Dorman image so I invented “Surprise” for it. If you find the artist’s name, please let me know. We love our Otto and Victoria print, and I have the Martiniere’s to frame yet.

  3. Richard says:

    Carl, you worry me by continuing to say “if” about an SFAL 3. I thought John Flesk was taking over and it was ongoing. Was that just the Spectrum books?

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Love Part 2! The octopus and the pig are my favorites but they’re all great.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    These are just charming–well at least the first ones. The last is something altogether different but still fabulous.

  6. Ditto Patti’s comment! You scored some terrific artwork!

  7. Richard says:

    Patti and George, yes, I’m very happy with the things I got, and there’s more to come in parts 3 and 4!

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