On the way…

Friend and blogger extraordinary Carl Vincent has blogged several times about both the Spectrum books and his attendance at both the first (2012) and second (this year) at Spectrum Fantasy Art Live! art convention. After he raved about the first event, and about his eagerness to go this year, I told him I might just send him a check and ask him to pick up a goodie or two for me.

He agreed, and I sent a small check and a list of artists, some with links to favorite images, for him to use as a guide. He went, he bought, he shipped. The package is coming by UPS today, if the tracking is to be believed, and I’m eager to see what he picked up for me.

I just know the doorbell will ring any minute and there it will be. More later.

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4 Responses to On the way…

  1. Bill Crider says:

    Looking forward to photos!

  2. I can’t begin to describe how nervous I now am..lol!

  3. Walker Martin says:

    I’m looking forward to the photos also. I firmly believe that every reader and collector should have some original art to go along with the collection. However, most collectors seem to have very little interest in the original cover paintings. I’ve been collecting pulp and vintage paperback art since 1970 and I’m still at it even though I’ve run out of wall space.

  4. Richard says:

    Walker, I can’t afford original art, but I do buy prints, and when I can get signed ones.

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