New Arrivals, Current Reading April 1 – 7, 2013

Quite a week! Lots of arrivals, all of a kind. Sometimes mentions and memories of things – a book, an author, a subject – pile up to that last straw point. It happened to me and here is the result, covers first then the description:

Frequently in the mid 1970s I went to my favorite bookstore at the time, Pickwick Books, which had a large selection and a nice atmosphere. I remember seeing all of the Doc Savage paperbacks lined up on a shelf as I went to the mystery section, but didn’t have the budget to buy them and the other things I wanted, so I passed them by. Now I wish I’d bought them all. One of those “if only I’d known” things. So after I saw these, and thought about them for quite a while, I finally bought them. I got a good deal on them and will work my way through them eventually.

Doc Savage Doubles, # 1-20 as by Kenneth Robeson [Publisher Nostalgia Ventures, Inc.  2008-2009, trade paper, new] – adventure novels, two (a few have three) per volume – the stories as published in Doc Savage magazine, with the original b&w line illustrations.  (Note: there are about 48 or 49 of these doubles). Here’s the list of the ones I got:

Doc Savage Volume 1 Fortress Of Solitude & The Devil Genghis
Doc Savage Volume 2 Resurrection Day & Repel
Doc Savage Volume 3 Death In Silver & The Golden Peril
Doc Savage Volume 4 Land of Always Night & Mad Mesa
Doc Savage Volume 5 The Spook Legion & The Submarine Mystery
Doc Savage Volume 6 The Polar Treasure & Pirate Of The Pacific
Doc Savage Volume 7 The Lost Oasis & The Sargasso Ogre
Doc Savage Volume 8 The Sea Magician & The Living-Fire Menace
Doc Savage Volume 9 The Majii & The Golden Man
Doc Savage Volume 10 Dust Of Death & The Stone Man
Doc Savage Volume 11 Cold Death & The South Pole Terror
Doc Savage Volume 12 The Squeaking Goblin & The Evil Gnome
Doc Savage Volume 13 Brand Of The Werewolf & Fear Cay
Doc Savage Volume 14 The Man Of Bronze & The Land Of Terror
Doc Savage Volume 15 The Red Spider & Other Cold War Thrillers
Doc Savage Volume 16 The Secret In The Sky & The Giggling Ghosts
Doc Savage Volume 17 The Czar Of Fear & The World’s Fair Goblin
Doc Savage Volume 18 The Monsters & The Whisker Of Hercules
Doc Savage Volume 19 The King Maker & The Freckled Shark
Doc Savage Volume 20 The Thousand-Headed Man & The Gold Ogre

As if that wasn’t enough, there are the new Wild Adventures of Doc Savage. Six have been published by Altus Press thus far, shown and listed in order of publication.

– The Desert Demons
as by Kenneth Robeson [Altus Press Jul 2011 trade paper, new]
– Horror in Gold as by Kenneth Robeson [Altus Press Dec 2011 trade paper, new]
– The Infernal Buddha as by Kenneth Robeson [Altus Press May 2012 trade paper, new]
– The Forgotten Realm as by Kenneth Robeson [Altus Press Sep 2012 trade paper, new]
Death’s Dark Domain as by Kenneth Robeson [Altus Press Oct 2012 trade paper, new]
– Skull Island by Will Murray  [Altus Press May 2012 trade paper, new]

This new series features the iconic character in his original time period. Will Murray wrote these, though the cover of the first five shows the Robeson name (house name for the original novels). Murray’s name does appear as author on title and copyright pages, along with that of Lester Dent on the first three. Compared to the original novels these are much meatier books at over 300 pages per. Author Will Murray informs me these additional titles are forthcoming: The Ice Genius, The Miracle Menace, The War Makers and Phantom Lagoon, not necessarily in that order.

That should satisfy my Doc Savage itch for a good while!

Between Spring fever in the garden and the NCAA basketball tournament I missed a lot of reading time, but I’m trying to catch up. 
I finished the first of the new Wild Adventures of Doc Savage, The Desert Demons, and enjoyed it. I’ll get to one of the other Savage stories as soon as I finish the Kinsey Malone novel I is for Innocent and catch up on some of the short story collections I’m still working on, specifically the Harry Harrison and Chesterton’s Father Brown stories. I finished Murray Leinster’s Space Tug. It will be a Forgotten Book review soon. Oh, and I read a (library) book on growing Dahlias, since we bought a handful of tubers and I’ve not tried them before.

What did YOU get new, used or from the library?
What have you been reading?

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13 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading April 1 – 7, 2013

  1. Man, I could easily get sucked into picking up those Doc Savage books. I’ve teetered on the brink a time or two from the moment I first saw them. Will probably pick up the new ones soon; I’ve heard nothing but good things about them.

  2. Mine just went up. Man, you left me in the dust this week!

  3. Patti Abbott says:

    Wow. Just library books for me. Too tired to go and look at the titles.

  4. Wow, you hit the jackpot, Rick! You have months of great reading ahead of you. A couple library sales loom in the coming weeks so I might acquiring books on your scale.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Yikes! A lot of cool stuff, although I must admit Doc Savage has never interested me.

    New books? Just one, A Bertram Chandler’s Baen collection First Command.

    I’ve read The Dead Circus by John Kaye. One of the reviewers on FFB (sorry, can’t remember which) was touting it and as it involved the death of Bobby Fuller, the Manson Family and the ’60s in general I had to try it. Good one. Next was Sue Grafton’s Kinsey and Me, which you’ve mentioned several times. I liked the Millhone stories much more than the second section. There was Peter Robinson’s latest Alan Banks book, Watching the Dark, which takes the Yorkshire cop to Tallinn, Estonia for an extended period. I liked it better than some of his recent ones and the portrayal of Estonia (did you know the Estonians invented Skype?) was fascinating. Lastly there was Seconds Away, Harlan Coben’s second young adult book featuring Mickey Bolitar, Myron’s nephew. All were library books.

  6. cgramlich says:

    I’m reading Skull Island now and it’s getting really good. I’ve got a lot of older Doc Savages as well

  7. Richard says:

    Jeff, Barbara is reading Robinson’s latest Alan Banks book, Watching the Dark now, and enjoying it. We had the same experience on the Grafton. It prodded me to go to the next unread alphabet series book, I is for Innocent, which I’ve started.

    Chris, I liked the first one, The Desert Demons, and am looking forward to the rest of the new ones. I’ll get to the older Doc doubles soon too, I hope.

  8. Richard says:

    Randy, you got some good stuff this time. Quantity isn’t everything…

  9. Cap'n Bob says:

    Nice score, but I shudder to think of the price tag.

  10. Well, Louisville won. I was hoping Michigan could hang with the Cardinals, but Rick Pitino had his team ready for the Championship Game.

  11. Richard says:

    Bob, as I said, I got a deal. Sort of like those deals George gets, maybe better. Still not a giveaway, but probably like you pay for the toy soldiers and stuff.

    George, yes, I rooted for Michigan but expected Louisville to win and once again they came back.

  12. Evan Lewis says:

    Wow. A severe case of Savagemania. I can relate, of course. I’ve had it since 1963.

  13. Richard says:

    When it came time to choose, back then, I always chose SF-F or a mystery…

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