Garden Night, Garden Day

Just a quick note. Every year there’s an early Spring event here called Plant Nerds Night, sponsored by a local radio station that has a Saturday garden program. Plant Nerds Night was last night. For us, it’s the first gardening event of the year, and there are always a half dozen or more speciality nurseries represented, selling plants and giving slide shows. There are door prizes (my wife won a $25 gardening book), it’s packed with plant people, and it gets our gardening juices flowing.

To top this off, the last couple of days have been warmish (58-61 degrees F), sunny and everyone seems to have Spring Fever.

So what happened? Well, in addition to the two – or was it three? Four? So in addition to the plants we bought last night, mostly Hellebores, in bloom now, we went to the nursery today and bought shrubs, seeds, Violas, Columbine and other goodies. Then we spent the end of the morning and most of the afternoon digging, planting, raking and similar tasks. It felt great.

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4 Responses to Garden Night, Garden Day

  1. Evan Lewis says:

    That Plant Nerd thing sounds hauntingly familiar. Like maybe a dream I had while I was trapped Under the Andes.

  2. Plant people…sounds like pod people to me. We still have snow on the ground.

  3. Richard says:

    Evan, you have the craziest dreams!

    George, you know we are at about the same latitude as you are, and our storms come from Alaska, bu the marine influence gives us very different weather.

  4. Cap'n Bob says:

    My wife has the green thumb, and that’s just dandy with me.

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