FFB: The Trouble with Aliens by Christopher Anvil

this is the 106th in my series of forgotten or seldom read books

The Trouble with Aliens by Christopher Anvil (pseudonym of Harry C. Crosby) © the original story publication dates 1956-1976, 1995, this collection Baen 2008 paperback, science fiction short story collection

Troublewith AliensThis is the 5th of 8 collections of Anvil’s stories publish by Baen: Pandora’s Legions, Interstellar Patrol, Interstellar Patrol II: The Federation of Humanity, The Trouble with Humans, The Trouble With Aliens, War Games and Rx For Chaos. Each collection is edited by Eric Flint.

As I’ve said before, Anvil (pseudonym of Harry C. Crosby) has long been a personal favorite since I began reading his stories in Astounding Science Fiction in the 1950s. Droll, eminently readable, with wonderful touches of humor and frequently thought-provoking, these stories are always entertaining.

Christopher Anvil’s short stories are a delight of which I never tire. I highly recommend you give them a try.

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4 Responses to FFB: The Trouble with Aliens by Christopher Anvil

  1. macavityabc says:

    I remember those stories in Astounding, too. I got a big kick from them. I reread one in an old issue not long ago and enjoyed it as much as ever.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Darn you. You’re becoming like George with all these enticing books.

  3. Enticing is right, Jeff. I used to look forward to those ASTOUNDING issues with a Christopher Anvil stories in them. Plenty of fun reading! I’m glad BAEN BOOKS reprinted them.

  4. I’ll make a note to do so, Richard. To my recollection, spotty as it may be, I have not read any of Anvil/Crosby’s short stories. I give kudos to Baen for keeping various authors in print. I think it is such an admirable thing to do and I’ve been known to buy their versions of books I already own just to support their efforts in keeping older works in print.

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