New Arrivals, Current Reading, January 21 – 27, 2013

NEW ARRIVALS – Something used, something shared (passed along from a friend, technically gifts). Nothing brand new. Still, these things take shelf space and add to my stress about more intake than finished reading. Sigh. Listings and descriptions below the images.

A Flower in the Desert by Walter Satterthwait [Worldwide Library 1993 mass market paperback, used] – mystery – after reading the Satterthwait short story collection I did for my last Friday Forgotten Books, I decided to catch up on some of the Joshua Croft mysteries. This is one of them.

Elegy Beach by Steven R. Boyett [Ace Books 2009 hardcover, gift] – fantasy novel – I have not read the preceeding book, this being a sequel. I may read this anyway, and if I get lost, get the first book from the library. I know nothing about this book or the author.

Grand Ellipse by Paula Volsky [Bantam Sprectra 2000 hardcover, gift ] – steampunk fantasy novel – again, I know nothing of the author or her previous works.

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews [Ace Books 2007 mass market paperback, used] – fantasy novel – this is the first in a trilogy. I thought I’d try it after reading a review, which is the way I come across a great deal of what I get. This is near the middle of the new improved TBR (more on that another time)

The Merchants of Souls by John Barnes [TOR 2001 hardcover, gift] – SF novel – I’ve heard of this guy, though I haven’t read any of his works. This is the 3rd in the Thousand Culture series of four novels. The themes of this series includes the effects of globalization, at an interstellar scale, on isolated societies. Nice John Harris cover. The series:

Win Forever by Pete Carroll [Penguin Portfolio Books, 2010 hardcover, gift] – biography – I don’t read that many biographies, but since this showed up in a gift bag sent by a friend, I’ll give it a try. I though Carroll was a good coach at USC and is a good coach at Seattle for the Seahawks, of whom I’m a fan. I hope this is more biography than sermonizing.

CURRENT READING – I’m still working away on the Black Lizard Book of Black Mask Stories collection and have read a couple more stories in The Complete Father Brown collection. I also have read a few more stories in the Harry Harrison collection 50 in 5o. I read about half of the anthology When the Villain Comes Home and gave it up. I’ve put it on BookSwap. Books keep showing up at the library, and I’m trying to get them read. I finished the terrific Apollo’s Outcasts (review last week) and A Dangerous Thing by Bill Crider, a Carl Burns mystery (review coming soon). I’m nearly done with Archie Meets Nero Wolfe, which I’m enjoying even if it’s not up to the Rex Stout standard. I’m not sure what’s up next, maybe some fantasy or yet another mystery, plus some more short stories, certainly.

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9 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading, January 21 – 27, 2013

  1. I have a paperback copy of Grand Ellipse that I salvaged from a potential book sale pile because the cover was striking. I read my first Barnes this past weekend with his short story in Edge of Infinity. Rated it pretty high. I have another of his novels that is from this same company and print run as the cover has the same format and has a great John Harris cover like yours does.

  2. Nice variety of books! I’m with Carl on John Harris: love his covers! Harris needs to publish a new collection of his SF book covers. I’m reading an essay collection, WAITING FOR THE BARBARIANS by Daniel Mendelshohn right now. The review will be up on my blog in a week or two.

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice list. I’ve read the Satterthwait (that entire series).

    No new books other than ebooks. I did finish one of the latter, Robert Silverberg’s To Be Continued…, the first volume of his collected stories. I’ve already read volumes 2 and 3. I’m nearly done with a Brendan Dubois (ebook) short story collection of his military-related stories and I’m reading Lawrence Block’s Afterwords.

  4. cgramlich says:

    Looks like a good set of reads.

  5. Patti Abbott says:

    I bought the PATRICK MELROSE collection (Edward St. Aubyns) this week. Four short novels gathered together. Not sure if I will like it but heard so much about it.

  6. Richard says:

    Carl, Yes, I love Harris’ artwork. George mentions hoping for a new collection of his cover art, I’m not sure I knew there was a first one. I have both Edge and Engineering Infinity collections, but they are unread.

    George, I’m not familiar with the Mendelshohn, will look forward to your review.

  7. Richard says:

    Jeff, I have read just two of the Croft books (thought I’d read more…). Hows the vacation coming?

  8. Richard says:

    Charles, yes, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to them. It’s both a blessing and a curse when friends send me piles of books.

    Patti, I’ve heard good things about the Melrose collection, but haven’t gone so far as to buy it.

  9. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s been great so far – perfect weather (upper 70’s, mostly sunny and breezy, not much humidity) and very relaxing.

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