A Sad Goodbye

Today is the final day of business for Upper Crust Bakery, a wonderful local bakery in Lake Oswego village. They make excellent bread (especially the marbled rye!), rolls, specialty breads like blueberry crumble, lemon poppyseed, to-die-for pound cake and, of course, pie. One of our favorite bakeries in southern California closed a year before we moved to Portland, and now this one, our current favorite, is closing. If you read this after 6PM Wednesday, it has closed.

The reason is a dispute between the current property owner, from whom Upper Crust leases their space, and a new owner who wants to clear everyone out and put in high-end shopping in the lovely village location. So it was a matter of triple lease cost or get out. After a futile search for a new location, they are closing after 17 years. The bakery also had a booth at the Farmer’s Market each week during summer which will be gone. The owners and fourteen employees will lose their jobs.

Here are two pictures.

We went today, the bakery’s last day, to pick up our Thanksgiving apple pie and a lemon poppyseed loaf. It was a sad trip; we said goodbye to our friends there and thanked them for all the years of delicious baked goods, but it seems sadly insufficient. After thinking it over, we went a second time to stock up on cinnamon swirl bread, blueberry crumble, pound cake and half a pumpkin pie. Tomorrow there will be nothing but a “closed” sign. Darn. Why does greed have to ruin good things?

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8 Responses to A Sad Goodbye

  1. Isn’t it always the way. Small, intimate businesses get pushed aside in favor of ruining things with these cookie cutter places with no personality.

  2. Patti Abbott says:

    I love places like this. And a new place just opened near us that makes crepes and desserts. Sad that this one is going.
    Have a wonderful holiday, Rick. I hope we meet someday.

  3. Jerry House says:

    I don’t mind losing the HostessTwinkies, but it’s very sad to think of local bakeries closing. There’s nothing that can replace the fresh aroma of a real bakery.

  4. Richard says:

    Randy, the new places will have personality but will be the high-end pricey kind. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Patti, me too! Crapes are – used to be, anyway – a favorite. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Jerry, yes you’re right. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Bummer. I know “greed” seems a too simple answer, but in many cases it is the answer.

    That blueberry crumble sounds awfully good to me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too and everyone else reading this.

  6. Small, family-run businesses are struggling. Many are going the way of used bookstores. Our economy should be able to support both Big and Small Businesses! It doesn’t have to be this way.

  7. Richard says:

    George, this has nothing to do with the economy, just the greed of the building owner, who wants more money for the same sq. feet. BAH!

  8. Cap'n Bob says:

    Do they plan to relocate?

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