New Arrivals, Current Reading, November 5-11, 2012

It’s gotten cold here, at least for us: mid 30s in early mornings and damp cold. We don’t mind, but it does make it harder to get out and walk-run or whatever.

image courtesy of Randy Johnson

New Arrivals – nothing to report this time, except a library book, Bye Bye, Baby by Max Allan Collins. It’s the first of his JFK trilogy, the second volume, Target Lancer,  will be out later this month and I have it also on hold so I’ll probably move straight on to it when it arrives. Collins reports he is currently writing the third book. Randy Johnson wrote a review of this one in June 2011, see his blog here.

Current Reading – I finished more of the partially read books: Agatha H. and the Airship City, which was a lot of fun, The Private Practice of Michael Shayne, which I enjoyed a lot (review last Friday), The Mother Goose Murders, which is a Shadow novel, which was also pretty fun. I’m making really good progress, as you can see: the books in blue have now been read:

  1. Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan (library book)
  2. Nemesis 
  3. The Stainless Steel Rat
  4. Books to Die For (library book)
  5. Agatha H and the Airship City
  6. The Private Practice of Michael Shayne
  7.  The Mother Goose Murders
  8. Bye Bye, Baby
  9. The Gift of Rain
  10. The Black Lizard Book of Pulp Stories (short stories – have read 4 more)
  11. 50 for 50 (short stories – have read 2 more)
  12. The Uncomplaining Corpses

I just added The Uncomplaining Corpses to the list, because I enjoyed that last Mike Shayne I read (#6 above). Also, as noted above Bye Bye, Baby. Then I’ll finally get back to  The Gift of Rain. After that, who knows? It could be on to either David Brin’s Existence or the new William Kent Krueger, Trickster’s Point. Or something else. I’ll stop keeping this list up every time once I finally finish Gift of Rain. I have also been reading away on The Black Lizard Book of Pulp Stories between other things, but it’s over 1,100 pages so there’s a long way to go. One other note: I’ve read more books this year than my average of about 85. I’m at 104 so far. Part of the reason is probably this push to get the backlog cleared up.

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11 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading, November 5-11, 2012

  1. I’m at 134 books, Rick. I’m hoping to go over 150 by December 31. I’m chipping away at THE BLACK LIZARD BOOK OF PULP FICTION STORIES, too. Only, I’m doing it with the 11 audiobook CD sets. I was able to buy the whole series for half-price due to the BOUCHERCON discount. An early Christmas present to myself…

  2. Redhead says:

    how did you like Agatha H and the Airship City??

  3. Richard says:

    Red, I liked it a lot. Unfortunately there aren’t any more novels yet.

  4. Richard says:

    George, I’d have guessed you were at something like 200…

  5. Carl V. says:

    Happy you are getting through your list. Its getting cold here too. 70’s yesterday, rainy and 30’s today. Good night for snuggling with blankets.

  6. Patti Abbott says:

    None of you can keep up with Jerry. He must live in a mansion. Just library books for me.

  7. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Good for you, Rick. You’re making real progress. Between a concentration on short stories this year and recording all the ones I’ve read (total to date: 604) and too much time on the internet, my totals will definitely be down this year (total to date: 110). I’ve read a lot more science fiction than in past years.

    Only one new book last week, via, the second by Richard Aleas (Charles Ardai), SONGS OF INNOCENCE.

    I did read two more e-books: Dina Kucera’s harrowing but sometimes funny memoir, EVERYTHING I NEVER WANTED TO BE (perfect example of a book worth getting free on Kindle, though it is now $2.99) and Alan Zweibel’s funny, short collection of stories, FROM THE BOTTOM DRAWER OF…. I finished another Philip K. Dick collection, SECOND VARIETY & Other Stories.

    Current reading: several recommended by Bill Crider on his blog as well as others of you on your blogs, including Joe Queenan’s snarky ONE FOR THE BOOKS and Roman Dirge’s LENORE: WEDGIES, about Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl….

  8. I’m reading ONE FOR THE BOOKS, too, Jeff. I love Joe Queenan’s work.

  9. Richard says:

    I’m working on Bye Bye Baby now, but reading a short story every now and then too. I don’t keep track of short stories read, but I would guess just 30 or 40, nowhere near Jeff’s one a day.

  10. Jeff Meyerson says:

    My biggest problem with books like Queenan’s is that it makes me adds dozens of more books to my “read real soon” list.

  11. Richard says:

    Amen to that, Jeff. I did that with Books to Die For.

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