New Arrivals, Current Reading

I’ve been working in the yard, Winterizing the yard – spreading soil amendments, mulch, raking leaves, fallen berries and pine needles, doing some light, early pruning and the like. All just before the rains set in for keeps, and before the first frost. I’ve also been sick, but that has little to do with anything.

New Arrivals – I got three things this time, two through the generosity of George Kelley, the other two ordered by me.  Details after the images.

Agatha H and the Airship City A Girl Genius Novel by Phil and Kaja Foglio [Night Shade Books 2011 trade paper, new] – novelization of graphic novel – adventure – The Girl Genius graphic novels, nine of them so far, have been very popular, enough so that the creators have produced this novelization, which covers slightly more than the second graphic novel I was unable to find a novelization of the first book, Agatha H and the Beetleburg Clank, so I got this. The graphic novels are readily available, this took more searching. Should be light and fun, will read it on one of these rainy days.

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine for November 2012 [magazine, new] – mystery themed stories and articles – George sent this, I suspect it was in the book bag at Bouchercon. I don’t usually read AHMM, so this will be fun.

In Legend Born by Laura Resnick [Tor Fantasy 1998 mass market paperback, used] – fantasy novel – As far as I can tell this begins a series of several novels set in this world, timeline and character set. If I like it, there are more on PaperbackSwap for me to try.

The Twelve by Justin Cronin [Ballentine Books 2012 trade paper (ARC), new] – SF (?) thriller – Advanced Reader’s Copy – this is the other one sent by George, also probably from Bouchercon. This is a sequel to The Passage also by the author, which I don’t have and haven’t read. I expect I’ll be able to scare up a copy. Sounds promising, based on the blurbs (and you know what that’s worth).

Current Reading –  Having finished The Case of the Substitute Face, and A Caribbean Mystery, I’m still reading several things at once: The Gift of Rain, still, as well as another Christie, Nemesis and The Private Practice of Michael Shayne. I started yet another book, but put it back on the shelf. Too many at a time! I keep plugging away.

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11 Responses to New Arrivals, Current Reading

  1. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I also got a copy of THE TWELVE from generous George. I’m halfway through the 760 pages of THE PASSAGE (from the library) but don’t know if I’ll have time to finish it before we leave for Las Vegas (followed by Phoenix) on Wednesday. I’d really rather not carry such a big book with me but I might have to.

    I can see why Stephen King liked it. It’s at least superficially similar to THE STAND, but there are quite a few differences too.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks, Jeff. I hope you two have a great trip. Is it OGGW, or some other occasion?

    I’ll check the library when I clean up some of my multiple reading things. I wouldn’t take a large hardcover on a trip either, to bulky and heavy. But then I rarely go on trips by air any more.

  3. THE TWELVE has been garnering good reviews. The third book in the trilogy, CITY OF MIRRORS, is due out in 2014. And by the way, Kelley is spelled K-E-L-L-E-Y. Kelly is the Other Guy.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It’s our Anniversary on Wednesday. We’ve been going to Vegas for several years on that week (not my choice, believe me). We’re combining it with a visit to Phoenix to see my father. I doubt I’ll be commenting on blogs much (if at all) while we’re away.

    I did get a few other things last week: THE GREAT SF STORIES 20, THE SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME Volume 1, THE CASEBOOK OF JONAS p. JONAS by E. X. Ferrars from Crippen & Landru, and THE EXTERMINATORS by Bill Pitzhugh, his long-awaited sequel to PEST CONTROL with exterminator Bob Dillon the main character.

    Besides various short stories (mostly Philip K. Dick and Robert Silverberg) and THE PASSAGE, I finished THE CASE OF THE DEADLY BUTTER CHICKEN by Tarquin Hall, third in his Vish Puri series.

  5. I went to a huge library sale last week and got nothing. Oh, there were books I might have gotten but I just knew they would sit for years given the state of my TBR. I have finally gotten wise to myself and know I will only read about 80 books a year (plus short stories and magazines) and most of them will be from my local library.

  6. John says:

    I got a copy of THE TWELVE in my book bag and I was very excited. I usually donate all my free books at a local thrift store with the hopes they will profit from them. For a change, this year’s Bouchercon book bag had great stuff and I kept almost everything! I’m planning on reading almost all of the books. Amazing for me who shuns nearly all contemporary authors. Justin Cronin will be here in Chicago on Wednesay and I’m very excited to hear him talk about these books. I’m bringing my copy of THE TWELVE and THE PASSAGE to get signed.

    Also, I stumbled across those Agatha H books at my branch of the CPL and one of these days I’ll be reading those as well. They look to be my kind of thing. I’d be interested to read what you think of them.

  7. cgramlich says:

    That Airship book looks interesting for sure.

  8. Carl V. says:

    We’ve been doing a lot of yard work too. Rented a wood chipper the other day and spent a good part of the day grinding up old limbs and the trimmings from fall pruning and getting rid of volunteer trees, etc. It was fun and everything looks so much nicer now.

    Haven’t gotten any new books lately. I almost bought Agatha H when it first came out just for the Tom Kidd cover. I read some of the comics when they first came out and enjoyed them but just didn’t keep up with it. I’m no longer any good with keeping up with individual comic reading, they just tend to pile up and take up space. Of course the same could be said for books, lol!

  9. Richard says:

    George, sorry. I corrected it.

    Patti, good for you! That’s about what I read: 80-100 a year.

  10. Richard says:

    JeffHave a great trip!

  11. Richard says:

    As if I didn’t already have enough books under way, though I finished Nemesis this morning, I started Agatha H. and the Airship City. Fun so far.

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