Oregon Fall is Truly Here

While the term “Fall” means blazing colors, crisp walks and apples to most people, here in Portland it means the coming of the rains and cooler, or even cold weather. Really, it’s sort of Fall-Winter.

There has been barely any Fall color here yet, though some along the Willammette river. There have been plenty of Washington and Oregon apples.

We’ve had a really long beautiful summer, hotter and much dryer than is usual, and aside from having to irrigate and hand water pots and some areas, it’s been a delight, but today is the last day. That rain is happening tomorrow. The forecast is for rain showers tomorrow, then four steady days of real rain, and inch and a half or so from Friday through Monday or Tuesday. It may be enough to knock the fall color off the few trees that are showing any, but the rest will be fine.

We have a few things to do in the garden today, one more deadheading, a final few weeds to pull, a little trimming here and there, before the wet and cold comes. Not that, at 57°, it’s exactly balmy out there today. We have 3 yards of soil mix and mulch being delivered next Friday morning, and we’re really hoping we get a couple of dry days for that and getting it down in the garden. Yep, that’s a lot of mix, but we put it down on almost all of our third-acre lot, so it takes a lot. To save our backs we’ve hired a couple of guys to come and do the moving and spreading of it, but we’ll be out there supervising and we want that mulch to stay dry or it will clump, which is bad.

So I’m wearing shorts, probably for the last time for a few months, possibly even until May or even June. It’ll be time for quilting (my wife), books (me, or both of us), fireplace, hot cocoa, curling up under our many cozy quilts. Bring it on, Fall-Winter!

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4 Responses to Oregon Fall is Truly Here

  1. Bill Crider says:

    It was 76 degrees here at 6:30 A. M. I’m not sure if it’s July or October.

  2. Richard says:

    Bill – Wow. Still Summer there, it sounds like. If you’d like a shot of cool and wet, drop by.

  3. Rainy season is coming. We have a spring and a winter rainy season, although it has been less so the last 10 years than in the first 15 I was here.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice colors. We’ve had a cooler than normal week – mostly in the mid-50’s instead of the mid-to-upper 60’s – but they claim it will hit 70 early next week, perhaps the last hurrah.

    Fall is OK by me but I don’t like winter much.

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