FFB: Crime Over Casco

Note: this is my 600th blog post since I started this blog 
on August 28, 2009, just over three years ago.

This is the 91 in my series of seldom read or forgotten books

Crime Over Casco by Walter Gibson, New York: Doubleday Crime Club. 1st printing 1979. Copyright 1946 by Street & Smith Publications. Introduction copyright 1979 by Walter Gibson. Approx. 5 3/4″ by 8 1/2″ hardback.

Combined with The Mother Goose Murders in single volume. Dust jacket illustration, in my opinion not particularly inspired, is by Tim Lewis and refers to Mother Goose Murders. There’s another cover I prefer below.

BLURB: “Crime Over Casco deals with storm-tossed secrets and a mysterious group of islands off the coast of Maine. A beautiful girl threatens a bewildered young man, against a colorful background of historic islands.”

Young (__name__) goes to Casco Bay in Maine to seek Little Gorling Island, which his attorney has told him by letter he now owns.  (__name__) has been in the far east for years and has no established home in the states, but has the letter from the attorney which he deems good enough. The problem is two-fold: there seems to be no Little Gorling Island (nor Big Gorling, either), and almost the moment he steps ashore on Brother Island to seek information he is confronted at gunpoint about his identity. Worse, all this is occurring just at the beginning of a hurricane hitting the Maine coast and conditions are frightful.

(__name__) manages to escape and breaks into the old general store to find any old piece of furniture that might have belonged to his great uncle with information on the island, but there he finds other men, and they also threaten him. Things look pretty bad when The Shadow shows up to save  (__name__)’s life, not for the first time, for in the coming pages it will need to happen several more times before the entire mess is cleared up. Of course Our Hero makes just about every dumb move possible through out but it all works out in the finish.

I found this one entertaining, an easy, fun quick read, just the thing for a couple of Summer afternoons on the back patio.

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6 Responses to FFB: Crime Over Casco

  1. I read this one out of the local library system several years back. The Shadow, along with Doc Savage, are my favorite of the old pulp characters.

  2. I went through a phase of listening to these on my kindle and it was pretty fun. A lot of similarity in the stories but always entertaining.

  3. Evan Lewis says:

    Sad times for The Shadow when his mag got shrunk down to that puny digest format. The stories were still good, though.

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    I guess I’m just not into these old pulps. I read a few of the Shadow reprints THE CRIME ORACLE was one) some years ago after seeing Gibson do his wonderful “magic” presentation at a couple of Bouchercons. The books were OK but he was wonderful.

  5. jerry house says:

    I read this one years ago and was not that impressed. Gibson has done better.

  6. I’m still buying reprints of THE SHADOW when I run across them. Always a breezy read!

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