no FFB today

Sorry, I have been hip deep in (whatever) and though I’ve been reading it’s been all newer or newish things, not anything fitting for FFB. I just started reading an oldie now for next week.

Very hot here again today, in low 90s. At least that’s very hot for me. Tomorrow we’ll break the all-time record for consecutive rainless days in Portland, OR. and it’s already the hottest summer since the early 1950s. Yeah, what “global warming”? Our electric (air conditioning) and water (irrigation) bills will be heavenly.

By the way, we bought that new MacBook Pro for Wife, and while we were at it bought a replacement iPod for her since hers got lost during the move. We don’t know how, but we’ve looked for it for a year with no luck. Guess it went to the land of lost socks. I’ll do a post on the new tech sometime next week, probably.

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7 Responses to no FFB today

  1. Your fellow Americans are grateful for stimulating the economy, Rick. And APPLE stock continues to go up! It’s hot here in Western NY, too. “What global warming?” indeed.

  2. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Nice – George will be proud of you for stimulating the economy. We’re doing our part too with a new BOSE wave system.

    As mentioned on our only visit to Portland it hit 100 degrees (summer of 1988 I think) but I guess it wasn’t as hot the rest of the summer.

  3. Richard says:

    George, a few years back I wanted to buy some Apple stock, but my financial advisor said at 100 a share it was too expensive for it’s something or other, profit to market share or somesuch. So I didn’t do it. I sure wish I had!

    No, Jeff, it wasn’t. We’ve had 2 100 degree days so far this year, along with a slew of mid-90s. Whew, this is one reason I moved away from SoCal, I don’t like it this hot! Poor me…

  4. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Just checked – it was August 23-26 of 1988. We had 104 in Medford on the drive up, 99 and 100 in Portland itself. And my brother had no air conditioning…

  5. My son Patrick told me to buy APPLE stock back in the 1990s when it was $4 a share. I could have easily bought a 1000 shares at that point. But I ignored Patrick’s advice because he was “just a kid.” I wish I hadn’t!

  6. That IPod is probably feeling pretty much out of place in the Land of Lost Socks

  7. Richard says:

    Charles, we’re still hoping to find it, but after Barbara mumbled for the nth time that she wished she could find it for some reason – usually listening while she walked or sewed – I told her just to buy a new one. If it’s found we’ll have a spare. Who knows, maybe we’ll find some lost socks too!

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