Going Down

By this time tomorrow – 11 a.m. Pacific time – I will be off line and it could be a week or so before I return. I’m having some major problems with the iMac, I screwed up a file copy program and may have duplicated half the hard the hard drive before I caught it. However I can’t find the duplicate files and now the hard drive it full to the brim and everything is running s-l-o-w.

I have a appointment with the Apple Genius Bar tomorrow morning to try to sort it all out and so have to lug the big ol’ iMac down there, along with my backup external drive and my AirPort hardware. What a hassle.

Also, I’m using an older version of the Mac operating system, and it’s time to upgrade that anyway. They may strip the whole thing and we’ll start over. Sigh. It will take a long time to make the new OS adjustments, reload my files, etc. Then learn the stuff.

But I’ll be back as soon as I can!

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8 Responses to Going Down

  1. Richard says:

    Thanks, Evan. Unfortunately, this means internet, email, everything. Rats!

  2. Hope you get things straight. We will be here when you get back.

  3. Carl V. says:

    Sorry to hear that Richard. Hope it is back up and in top form when you return. Get some good reading in while you are away.

  4. cgramlich says:

    Good luck. Hope you can get it cleared. That can be very frustrating.

  5. John says:

    What techno prisoners we all become when computers fail us. Or when we screw something up with a few misplaced fingers and keystrokes. I have my fingers crossed all will work out well.

  6. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Bummer. I thought you said these things didn’t happen with Macs?

    Good luck.

  7. I plan to buy a new computer when WINDOWS 8 comes out, probably around Christmastime. My College is committed to Microsoft so I have to use what I teach. But, I’m hoping having Patrick home for the holidays will help the transition to a new computer. I’ll be going through much of what you’re doing now: transferring files, installing software, etc. I dread it.

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