Happy Summer!

Yesterday was technically the first day of Summer, today is the first full day of Summer, and the weather is hot enough everywhere for many to regret the coming of the hot season. It’s temperate and very nice here in Portland, 80 yesterday, 82 today, the warmest it’s been in a while. Temperatures will fall tomorrow, back to the low 70s and there’s a good chance of showers Sunday and Monday. Typical Portland late June weather. I think we’re about the only place in the country not scorching. Here’s a little summer image to keep you going, a painting by Ivan Shishkin that really says Summer to me.

painting by Ivan Shiskin

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3 Responses to Happy Summer!

  1. Lucky dog. It’s running past ninety here in North Carolina for about the third day in a row. Projections suggest the same for the next week.

    How did you get the same post twice?

  2. Richard says:

    Oops, posted it once w/o the title, then thought I was continuing the edit the same post, posted it again… Sorry for you heat, you’re sure not alone in it, the whole south, midwest, east, southwest. Everywhere, as I said, except Oregon and Washington, it seems. Hope you have air conditioning and cool drinks!

  3. Jeff Meyerson says:

    It was 94 here yesterday and today. The one time we visited Portland – the summer of 1988 – it was 100 degrees.

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