New Arrivals, May 7-13, 2012

Tom Roberts at Black Dog Books has done it again, and I couldn’t resist. So a package from Black Dog arrived a few days ago with three new things. Also arriving were a pre-order that was placed last Fall and something I came across and couldn’t resist. First the covers, then the descriptions, as usual.

The Best of Adventure Volume 2 1913-1914 edited by Doug Ellis [Black Dog Books 2011 trade paper, new] – pulp short story / novelette collection – this is the second collection from Adventure, which many think was one of the best, if not the best, pulp magazine during the heyday of the form. Fine author list.

The Best of Kage Baker by Kage Baker, illustrated by J.K. Potter [Subterranean Press 2012 hardcover, new] – science fiction / fantasy short story collection – Twenty stories, half of them previously uncollected, by a very good writer. I enjoy her novels of The Company and really liked her last novel Bird of the River. I’d hoped for more, but her untimely death prevented that.

Empire of the Devil and other tales of adventure by Frederick Nebel [Black Dog Books 2012 trade paper, new] – eight story / novelettes of adventure by one of the best in the pulp writing business. Black Dog continues to put together this excellent collections! A must read!

Guy Noir and the Straight Skinny by Garrison Keillor [Penguin 2012 trade paper, new] – humorous / parody hard boiled P.I. novel, using the character from sketches on The Prairie Home Companion. The picture above shows the blurb, which says it all.

King Corrigan’s Treasure by H.D. Couzens [Black Dog Books 2010 trade paper, new] – pulp story collection – the collected adventures of Billy Englehart – these seven stories appeared in a variety of pulps between 1911 and 1918. Should be fun.

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6 Responses to New Arrivals, May 7-13, 2012

  1. I need to pick up those Black Dog books.

  2. Evan Lewis says:

    Book envy, as always.

  3. Randy Johnson says:

    I read a few of Baker’s Company books some years back. Her death cut short a promising career. The Black Dog stuff looks good also.

  4. Wow! Very enticing books! Black Dog’s offerings are always great. I have some of Kage Baker’s books, but haven’t read any yet. Diane loves PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION. I think Guy Noir is silly, but enjoyable.

  5. Jeff Meyerson says:

    Cool. Those Black Dog books always look so enticing.

    I did get in a couple of things by Kristine Kathryn Rusch: The Retrieval Artist & Other Stories and (as by Kris Rusch) Hitler’s Angel, both from ABE. I wanted to read the origin story before reading the first Retrieval Artist book.

  6. Richard says:

    George, yes it’s silly, but also funny.

    Jeff, I haven’t read that origin story, I started right in with the first Retrieval Artist novel. I’ll have to fins that one.

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